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Phyllis’ son returned to Genoa City wanting the truth about his life.

Young and Restless is now airing classic episodes, some of which may be unfamiliar to new viewers. Soaps.com is attempting to keep our readers in the loop by providing background on some of the storylines. On Tuesday April 28, Young and the Restless aired a classic episode from 2004 in which Daniel Romalotti Jr. learns Danny Romalotti is not his father. Here is some insight into that story…

Obsessed stalker

Phyllis was an obsessed fan stalking rock star Danny Romalotti when she drugged him, got him into bed, and later claimed to be pregnant by him. Danny divorced then-wife, Christine Blair, and entered a trial marriage with Phyllis before returning to Genoa City alone. Pregnant Phyllis followed and began a rivalry with Christine, who tried to find dirt on her. Phyllis covered her tracks by having Sasha Green doctor the DNA records on Daniel’s paternity. Danny divorced Phyllis, who tried to kill Chris in a hit-and-run that also involved Paul Williams. When little Daniel became seriously ill and was hospitalized, Phyllis and Danny grew closer again and eventually remarried.

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DNA test results

All was well until Sasha showed up in town demanding money to keep quiet about the DNA results. Following an altercation in Sasha’s hotel room with Phyllis, Sasha perished in a fire that was later declared an accident. Phyllis may have been responsible though she claimed Sasha was fine when she left her room.

Bitter divorce

Paul and Christine convinced Danny to run a blood test on Daniel, and he was broken-hearted to learn that Daniel was not his son, but was fathered by Brian Hamilton, a man from Phyllis’ past. A bitter divorce ensued with Danny taking custody of Daniel from Phyllis, who was declared unfit. After Danny took Daniel on tour, it was decided Phyllis should have no contact with him, and Daniel went to a Swiss boarding school.

Angry and rejected

When Danny returned to Genoa City years later, he refused Phyllis’ request for information about her son, who soon turned up on his own; an angry 16-year-old who felt rejected by both parents. Phyllis ran into Daniel by chance, told him she was his mother and the truth about his life. After hearing Danny wasn’t his father, Daniel was bent on confronting Danny and Christine and elected to move in with Phyllis and her then-boyfriend, Damon Porter.

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