Restless Rant
Week of October 5 – 9:

I’d like to give thanks for the ray of light that was the Chloe and Chance date this week on The Young and the Restless. Although the dramatic writing and acting of many scenes this week was fantastic – the dominance of tragedy and sorrow remained, and was starting to feel exhausting. Adam was still up to his twisted tricks as well. The memorial was great, though, and very well done. Here are my comments on the week:

Heart Decision: Once again, everyone’s acting was magnificent. I felt really tired of the hospital scenes during the show, but surprised myself by shedding a few more tears as they wheeled Victor and Colleen into surgery together in the last scene on Monday. I think the dramatic music that was playing had a lot to do with it!

She’s acting ‘back to normal’, but this intelligent woman hasn’t twigged yet that she actually did not give birth! I just can’t get over that!

Sharon’s Release:
Some of the writing just doesn’t make sense. Someone who has been admitted to a mental facility for emotional troubles, and who loses a baby, would be kept in for observation longer due to the additional stress and grief – not released early to cope on their own!

Mac Visits Lily:
Made my top ten list of most boring scenes in the history of Y&R. I’m not saying the character of Mackenzie isn’t a likeable girl, but sometimes when she’s in a scene it’s like someone hit the snooze button!

Neil’s Return: I was very glad to see him back – it’s been strange having him missing through all this stuff happening to Victor, and to his daughter, Lily. I’m getting tired of him appearing in doorways with Devon glued to his side, though. He needs an interesting storyline of his own.

Deacon and the Terroni: It was so exciting when Deacon first showed up in town and lit up this storyline. Unfortunately, because of the incredible loss of momentum and continuity due to “The Adam Show,” this story seems to have been cut off at the knees. The flirtation between Victoria and Deacon, the intensity of Daniel having 72 hours to produce the Terroni – it’s all fizzled because of the interruptions. Plunking Gloria into the middle of it was funny for five minutes, but her schemes have become too tiresome, so this also drags the story down. I hope they have something great in store for these characters once this painting is dealt with…