Vail Bloom of Young and the Restless
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Vanderpump Rules actress expands her family. congratulates Vail Bloom, who played Heather Stevens on The Young and the Restless from 2007 until 2010, on the birth of her second child. She made the announcement on Instagram to celebrate National Siblings day stating, “Didn’t realize it but guess I was waiting for #nationalsiblingsday to announce that: Charlie has a new baby brother and she’s THRILLED!” A few days later she revealed more photos and details. “Jack René Rose ~ born at 12 o’clock, on the dot • on his due date: January 25, 2020. The 1st day of the Lunar New Year… weighing 8 lbs 9 oz!! This little man will keep me running RIGHT ON TIME!! (He’ll be the first). Vail Bloom’s first child Charlie Olivia Grace was born in 2018. The news came as a shock as many did not realize Bloom was pregnant.

When asked how she was doing by a fan she responded, “I’m in LOVE already and I really didn’t think it was possible to like anything except girls after Charlie! I love having a boy!” She also noted, “Yes it’s crazy. I said ‘thrilled’ completed unironically!! So far so good; we’re lucky!! Guess I’m blessed (said ironically).” She pointed out that having two children under two was, “A timeless jumbled beautiful mess. I’m just happy I got the free hand to make the post!” She had hoped to reveal the birth earlier, as well as have more photos taken, but the current times intervened. “I was planning to tell you and wanted to do more photos but alas time slipped by and then the quarantine!!!! Someday soon hopefully.”

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After leaving the role of Doug Davidson’s (Paul Williams) daughter Heather on Young and the Restless in 2010, Bloom appeared on various television shows and in the television movie A Valentine’s Date before landing the role of Madison Hartman in Aspen the Series in 2012. She also played herself in the third season of Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules from 2014 until 2015. The show follows Lisa Vanderpump and her children as they operate her posh restaurant SUR in Beverly Hills, California. Bloom was hired as a new hostess for the season. She most recently appeared as a lead in the film The Ghost Beyond which co-starred Trevor Donovan (Jeremy Horton, Days of our Lives).

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