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CBS soap opera character was a pillar of strength for the Abbott family.

In a recent scene on The Young and the Restless, Dina Mergeron asked to speak to Mamie, while sitting in the Abbott mansion living room with her children, Jack, Ashley, and Traci Abbott, who had brought her home to live out her final days. Suffering from Alzheimer’s, Dina had gone back to the past in her mind and was remembering the Abbott’s former live-in housekeeper, Mamie Johnson. shares details below on the popular character, for new viewers or those who would like to refresh their memories.


Mamie Johnson debuted on Young and Restless in 1980 and was played by Marguerite Ray. After Ray left in 1989, the character was played by Veronica Redd until her last appearance in 2004.


Mamie was the Abbott’s trusted housekeeper and helped John Abbott raise his three children after Dina Mergeron left them. Jack, Ashley, and Traci, saw Mamie as a mother figure.


Mamie Johnson once intercepted a letter to an eighteen-year-old Jack, from his mother, Dina, who wanted him to come live with her in Paris.


Mamie was at John’s side when he suffered a heart attack after Jack came close to selling Jabot from under him. Mamie, who had a strong distrust for John’s wife, Jill Foster Abbott, also nursed him back to health when her affair with Jack caused him to have a stroke.

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Mamie Johnson was related to Young and Restless’ Barber family. Her sister, Lillie Bell, was the mother of Olivia Barber and Drucilla Barber. When Dru first turned up in Genoa City after running away from home, she stayed with Mamie at the Abbott residence.


Mamie was supportive of John’s marriage to Jessica Blair, mother of Christine Blair, and saw him through her untimely death from AIDS. She then took on his care when another heart attack nearly killed him when Newman took over Jabot after Jack took the company public.

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When Jill gave birth to Billy during her second marriage to John, it was Mamie who was there for her employer when he suffered yet another stroke during a custody battle for his son after Jill cheated with Jed Sanders. She confessed her love for him, and he returned the sentiment, however, Jill overheard their conversation. John fell into a coma, recovered, and elected to save his marriage for Billy’s sake. Mamie was devastated and accepted one million dollars from Jill to leave town. She left to go on a cruise around the world with Chancellor executive, Trent Jordan.


Mamie returned to Genoa City years later and offered to help John get Jabot out of debt. She remained living with John, sixteen-year-old Billy, and Jack, as a guest for a time. She helped care for Jack’s young son, Kyle, and Ashley’s daughter, Abby.


Mamie Johnson helped out when Colleen, daughter of Traci Abbott and Brad Carlton, was expelled from school for skipping and smoking marijuana. The girl was sent to live under the supervision of John and Mamie in Genoa City for a time.


Though Mamie was unable to attend funerals for John, Drucilla, and Colleen, she sent flowers.

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