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Former Young and Restless actress plays a loving sister in two different series.

Actress Lyndsy Fonseca, who played Young and the Restless’ Colleen Carlton from 2001 – 2005, has landed a lead role in a new television series entitled Turner & Hooch based on the 1989 Tom Hanks movie by the same name. can confirm Fonseca will play Laura in the series, which will revolve around the same premise as the film, a detective who solves crimes with the assistance of an over-sized dog. The actress’ co-stars in the TV show are Carra Patterson (The Arrangement), who will play Jessica, and Josh Peck (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) as Scott Turner.

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In the television version, Turner is a U.S. Marshal who inherits a big, unruly dog that may just be the partner he needs. Laura (Fonseca) is Scott’s sister, mother of 7-year old Matthew, and owner of special needs dogs. Laura and Scott, close-knit with their mother, are still reeling from the death of their father, Scott Sr., which they discover may not have been an accident. Laura, along with Matthew, brings to Scott their father’s legacy, the huge, slobbering Hooch. Jessica (Patterson) is Scott’s partner, who boasts a sense of humor that sometimes gets her in trouble and who teases Scott about his spit-and-polish ways. She has no issue with Hooch joining them on the job. The reboot, by Disney +, has a 12-episode order, and is helmed by Matt Nix, the creator of Burn Notice.

While filming the new series, Fonseca, whose film You Can’t Take My Daughter aired on Lifetime last month, will also tape a season-long arc on another 20th Century Fox series, 911: Lone Star, which surrounds the story of Owen Strand (Rob Lowe), a New York firefighter who relocates to Austin, Texas. The actress will appear as Iris Blake, the sister of Liv Tyler’s character, Michelle Blake, and debuted in the March 2 episode entitled Monster Inside in which Michelle learned the truth about Iris’ disappearance years before.