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Young and Restless alum played one-half of a desperate modern-day Bonnie and Clyde.

Hawaii Five-O, a reboot of the original 1960s series of the same name, surrounds an elite federalized task force on Oahu led by Alex O’Loughlin’s Detective Steve McGarrett and Scott Caan’s Detective Danny ‘Danno’ Williams. Young and Restless alum Darnell Kirkwood had a guest role on the Friday February 14 installment entitled, He kauwā ke kanaka na ke aloha (Man is a Slave of Love), and though his character was technically a criminal, he was very different from smooth photographer and conman Jordan Wilde. Soaps.com’s Candace Young watched the episode for review, which includes spoilers for those who haven’t seen yet.

Hawaii Five-O’s Valentine’s Day episode was as solid as a chocolate heart as both storylines drew me in and featured intriguing twists. Though they’re not a romantic couple, the bickering duo of ‘McDanno’ always give good snark and verbal sparring. This time their routine unfolded in Steve’s kitchen as he ironed a shirt for his Valentine’s Day date, while Danno, perched on the countertop, had an ‘aha’ moment in the primary storyline, which surrounded the murder of a Thai diplomat who had been bludgeoned to death with a hammer. His wife (played by Marika Dominczyk) was arrested at the scene and confessed, but Danno suspected something was off and that she didn’t do it. Upon further investigation, the abused wife had fallen in love with a doctor who had helped her in the past, and Danno was proven correct, as neither of them was the killer – it was revealed the husband was murdered as a result of his own actions at his last post. Appropriate to Valentine’s Day, the abused wife was freed to be with her true love and presumably live happily ever after thanks McGarrett and Danno.
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The secondary storyline in Hawaii Five-O’s February 14 episode involved Darnell Kirkwood’s character, a man helping his significant other rob a convenience store. Known only as ‘Clyde’ (as in ‘Bonnie and Clyde’), the character came in confidently brandishing a gun and backing up his ‘Bonnie’ (Cara Santana), who was demanding cash from the storekeeper. When it became evident an alarm had been tripped and the police surrounded the store, Kirkwood’s character became edgy as the cash grab suddenly necessitated taking hostages, including Five-O’s Tani Rey (Meaghan McGrath) and Dr. Noelani Cuhna (Kimee Balmilero). The Young and Restless alum did a terrific job portraying subtle changes in Clyde’s demeanor as he struggled to remain intimidating. As the couple began to second-guess themselves, Tani and Noelani pegged Clyde for a tweaking drug addict. Noelani feigned an asthma attack to distract Bonnie only to find herself dealing with a true medical emergency when Clyde rather shockingly fell to the floor and suffered a seizure, eventually passing out. Bonnie explained the epileptic medication he’d been prescribed wasn’t working, and costly testing and procedures had been ordered – hence the desperate lovebirds trying to rob the convenience store. In the end, Bonnie was offered help in return for ending the hostage situation peacefully. Kirkwood was very convincing throughout both the robbery and the medical crisis.

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