Fenmore Baldwin collage Young and Restless
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Young and Restless character has struggled over the years and makes a holiday return.

With Zach Tinker returning to Young and Restless as Fenmore Baldwin for the holidays, Soaps.com decided to do look back on the history of the character who is the son of Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc) and Lauren Fenmore (Tracy Bregman) and who, as a soap opera child, has had his fair share of troubles.


Fenmore Baldwin was born in 2006 but was SORASed to a teen in 2012. By 2013 the character was off to college.


Fenmore’s given name is his mother’s maiden name. He goes by Fen and was known in prison as Mouse.


Fenmore attended Walnut Grove Academy and received a new car from his parents upon graduating high school. He later went away to study law at Arizona State University.


As babies, Fen and Summer Newman were kidnapped by Sheila Carter. When Fenmore was a child, Sheila’s offspring, Daisy and Ryder Callahan, arrived in Genoa City and Lauren feared for her son, so sent him to stay with his half-brother Scott Baldwin in Toronto. Lauren later brought Fen back from Toronto as a surprise for Michael, who was celebrating a promotion to interim D.A., and he had become a teenager.


Fenmore reconnected with Summer as teens and they shared a kiss. Fen began cyber-bullying Jamie Vernon out of jealousy as Summer liked him, even though she’d bullied him too. When Lauren and Michael took an interest in the boy, Fen tried to frame him for stealing and they had a confrontation that ended with Jaime hospitalized after a fall. A rift developed in the family after Michael accused his son of setting Jamie up and Fen was charged with assault for causing his fall (Jamie later admitted he’d tried to commit suicide).


Fen made amends with his father by coming clean about the bullying and forged a reconciliation between his parents, as Lauren had been seeing Carmine Basco, but it didn’t work out. Fen blamed himself for being a screw-up and began taking advice about Summer from Carmine.

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After Summer set Fen up at a party, he was beaten up and became even more of an outsider. This is when he met a girl named Raven and began lying and getting high. He attacked Lauren when he believed she’d started up with Carmine again and turned on his so-called friend, lying that the bartender had given him drugs after he OD’d and ended up in the hospital with cardiovascular collapse from ingesting a strong methamphetamine.


Fen found himself under arrest again after he was videotaped stealing drugs from the hospital and was sent to rehab. While on a pass from rehab, Carmine was shot dead in an alley and Michael, assuming Fen did it, confessed and was sent away to Walworth prison. Fen got himself thrown in jail for drugs and tried to convince Michael not to cover for him, though he was high the night of the murder and didn’t know what happened. By the time Fen was actually charged with the crime and about to be sentenced, Michael proved that Carmine was still alive.


Fen struggled when he came home from college for Christmas and learned Michael had been diagnosed with prostate cancer and tried to keep his dad from ending his marriage.


Fenmore attended a Valentine’s Day party at the Abbott cabin and put a party drug in the punch. When everyone came to, Summer’s husband, Austin Matthews was dead. Fen later revealed he’d been blackmailed into picking up the drug to distribute at the party and the package was traced to Marco Annicelli. Fen returned to college.


Fenmore returned home from college and surprised his parents with the news that he was leaving law studies behind to pursue a career in music after spending time with a girlfriend who was a musician. Fen worked as a waiter at the Genoa City Athletic Club before Ana Hamilton produced his single and Devon Hamilton agreed to sign him to his label. Fen then went out on tour.


Adam Newman blackmailed Michael using video evidence of Fen’s involvement with drugs on the road, and Michael sent Lauren to find their son and get him back into a rehab.