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Young and Restless actor started work on new project before his death.

Casper Van Dien, who got his start in acting playing Ty Moody on One Life to Live, will take on the role of Chris Cameron in the upcoming television pilot for Stripped, which was created by Marc Clebanoff and the late Kristoff St. John (Neil Winters, Young and the Restless). learned that the project was initially developed in Reno, Nevada prior to St. John’s tragic death, and was then written by Marc Clebanoff. The comedy drama surrounds the story of Cameron, a network TV titan who vouches for the wrong friend and experiences a huge fall from grace that lands him behind bars. After serving a two-year prison term, Chris Cameron emerges keen to reclaim his starring television role, only the networks won’t touch him and he’s uninsurable. Along with his agent, Neil, who is played by Frank Krueger (Detective Orbach, Bold and the Beautiful), the down on his luck former star is forced to start over while facing a growing pile of debt and being influenced by his unconventional publicist, Jules. He finally takes a job moonlighting as a stripper working at one of the most exclusive clubs in Los Angeles. Hollywood’s former ‘Golden Boy’ turns Hollywood ‘Bare Boy’ as he navigates the stripper business, life and love.

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Additional starring cast members are Brooke Lewis Bellas, who once appeared as a nurse on One Life to Live and is known for movies such as iMurders and Sinatra Club, as Jules, and S.E. Perry (Dr. Elias, General Hospital; Special Agent Warner, Young and the Restless) as P.O. Pete. Casper Van Dien currently appears as Harold Adams on CW Network’s All American and has wrapped numerous movie projects, Frank Kruger has just completed Hence the Gray and Butter, and Brooke Lewis Bellas has just finished filming Evolution War. St. John will be featured in a book, that talks about the years, months and days leading up to his death, written by his ex-wife, Mia St. John.

Stripped is slated to debut in 2020.