Michael Muhney short film Young and Restless
Credit: Image: Joe Seer/Shutterstock

Young and Restless alum stars in romantic comedy.

The Young and the Restless alum Michael Muhney is starring in a new short film ready to make the rounds of the film festival circuit entitled, Sidepiece. The romantic comedy by Teddy Tenenbaum (Ghost Whisperer), showcases the talent of Muhney along with actresses Jenness Rouse (Becca On Call) and Minsun Park (You Too) in a movie where ‘nothing is as it appears to be’. A Twitter post shared by Park gives more insight into the plot with the tagline, “Dating is hard. Especially when you’re married.” Soaps.com has the sneak peek trailer of the film, in which Muhney is introduced as Collin, who shares an awkward initial meeting and hug with Rouse’s Lucy in a park where he’s been nervously tapping away on the bench with drumsticks. As their first date progresses, she asks if he’s ever done this before. He assumes she means meeting someone through a dating app, which he admits he’s completely new to, but she explains, “I meant cheating on your wife.” He reveals it’s his first time and she responds in kind. The duo is about to test out their kissing chemistry when they’re interrupted by Park’s Julie, who turns out to be Lucy’s sister-in-law and seems unfazed by the revelation that she’s on a date, and in fact, seems to encourage it. Collin is left mystified by her reaction as things grow increasingly complicated.

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To find out what happens next on Collin and Lucy’s date in this unconventional approach to romantic comedy, viewers will have to wait until Sidepiece is released on the film festival circuit. Watch for updates on Soaps.com, and in the meantime, please view the poster art for the movie and watch the trailer below.

Video: Sidepiece Movie/YouTube