Justin Hartley on Fallon Young and Restless
Credit: Image: Willy Sanjuan/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

Young and Restless alum spoofs 1980’s law commercials.

Young and the Restless alum Justin Hartley (Adam Newman), whose hit NBC series, This Is Us debuted its fourth season last night, joined singer/music producer, Mark Ronson, and actress Demi Moore (Jackie Templeton, General Hospital; G.I. Jane), who just released her memoir, Inside Out, on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon to perform a skit that was so funny, all four struggled not to burst out laughing throughout. Soaps.com shared the video below, which is a spoof of an 80’s law commercial that had Fallon, Moore, Hartley, and Ronson sporting glasses and wigs and reading their lines from cue cards with gut-busting results.

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Watch the clip below to see Hartley deliver his unexpected line in the skit while trying to keep a straight face, then read Young and the Restless spoilers to find out what’s coming up on the CBS soap opera.