Michelle Stafford celebrates birthday Y&R
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Young and Restless actress reacts to her character’s history.

With Michelle Stafford returning to Young and Restless as Phyllis Summers, the role she originated back in 1994, the daytime drama had the actress look back on several old scenes from the past and Soaps.com has the fun video.

Stafford kicked off the session watching her very first scene on Young and the Restless as Phyllis, in which she called her husband, Danny Romalotti (Michael Damian), but he wanted no part of her phone call. He reminded the redhead they were only married for the sake of the baby and demanded she not contact him at that number again before disconnecting. Phyllis, of course, was left fuming and vowed he wouldn’t treat her that way – she wouldn’t allow it.

The next scene was Phyllis and Cricket Blair (Lauralee Bell), or the Bug as Phyllis liked to call her back in the day. Today she goes by Christine Williams and is married to Paul (Doug Davidson), but back then Phyllis believed Cricket was still in love with her husband Danny and dropped in to rub her nose in the fact they were married and had a baby together. Stafford delighted in seeing her 1990s hairstyle and laughed. “Look at my hair. Womp!”

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Next were three scenes featuring Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow). In the first, they were making out and Stafford noted they had discussed committing to the scene. In the second, Nick and Phyllis were at Pepe’s Roadhouse in New Mexico and while Nick pondered getting himself a western-style belt buckle, Phyllis showed off her line-dancing skills with a local cowboy. Stafford chuckled over her alter-ego’s surprising abilities and recalled how fun it was to shoot. In the last scene, Phyllis spotted her husband Nick kissing his ex-wife, Sharon (Sharon Case), in Paris and was stunned. Stafford remarked on how much she loved the beret her character wore.

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While Phyllis is currently embroiled in Adam’s (Mark Grossman) drama, and on the outs with Nick, are you hoping they’ll find their way back to one another? Vote in the poll and read Soaps.com’s Young and Restless spoilers to see what’s coming up.