Paul Leyden from Young and the Restless
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As the World Turns, Young and Restless alum is a first-time dad. congratulates Paul Leyden (Simon Frasier on As the World Turns, and Blake Joseph on Young and the Restless) and his wife Alexia Barlier on the birth of their daughter. Leyden wrote on Instagram, “Hi everyone, meet me! My name is Raphaëlle Anaïs Leyden! I was born on June 7 at 2.29am! I weigh 6lbs 15oz. I’m super long and skinny with big feet! My Mum brought me into this world completely naturally and Dad couldn’t stop crying. He kept calling her his warrior queen. But I’ve got a feeling Dad’s gonna cry a lot more than me over the next few days (years) but he says that’s ‘cos he’s super happy and completely smitten with me and Mum. He reckons he’s the luckiest man alive! Thanks for having me world, I promise I’ll be a really good girl!” Leyden was excited about the birth of his first child, often posting photos of his wife Barlier on Instagram. In one post he said he hoped the baby had her eyes and all of her other extraordinary qualities. In a Mother’s Day post he gushed, “Happy Future Mother’s Day to this magnificent beauty!! @alexiabarlier I am j.umping out of my skin to meet our little darling in just a couple of weeks and he/she is just so incredibly blessed to have you as his/her Mum! Je t’aime à la folie future maman!!”

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Leyden and Barlier married in August 2018 in Switzerland. Leyden is an Australian born actor, writer, and director who is best known for his role on As the World Turns but also appeared in the NBC primetime show LAX with Heather Locklear (Dynasty,  Melrose Place). He is currently working behind the scenes on several projects in the US and Australia, having just shot a creepy short film titled Billy which featured his wife Barlier who not only acted in the film but also served as a producer and set and costume designer all while eight and a half months pregnant. Barlier is a French-born actress with dual citizenship in France and New Zealand. She is best known for playing Eve Mendel in the award-winning French mini-series The Forest on Netflix. The couple currently resides in Los Angeles.

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As there’s no wrong time to be creative (or maybe we’re just a little crazier than most), at 8 and a half months pregnant, Paul and I got inspired to make an atmospheric and scary short film. So we moved all our baby things to the garage, set dressed the house, rented an Alexa camera package, a set of Cooke prime lenses, a truck of lighting equipment, brought in a super talented cast and crew and shot it over the past two nights! Thank you to everyone involved for the hard work and to our little baby who held off coming into the world this weekend. Although if you had chosen to, your birthing movie would have been beautifully shot with amazing production value! Working Title: Billy…? Writer, Director: @paulleyden1 Producers: Paul Leyden & @philpricephilms DP: @dpjmw5 Sound: Daniel S. McCoy Production & Set Designer/Costume designer/Props/Catering/Kraft Services: Me! 😉 Cast: Introducing @aaronmoore2011 , @ivymathesonofficial with @jeanettemaus and myself (very pregnant).#pics 3 & 5 by @eszteranddavid More pics soon! #filming #actress #shortfilm #scarymovie #homemade #courtmetrage #onset #behindthescenes #losangeles

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