Delia addresses Billy Young and Restless
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Older Delia

On Tuesday September 17, Lauren Lindsey Donzis will appear as an older Delia on Young and the Restless in Billy Abbott’s (Jason Thompson) vision.

Poker players and card dealers

Young and the Restless is looking to cast background roles, men and women, to appear as poker players and card dealers. Those who apply should have experience in poker playing and card dealing with upscale attire.


Actresses Jules Aurora and Briana Cuoco are playing Indio and Tallulah, the social media influencers working with Theo on Young and the Restless. They first appeared on August 27 in scenes with Theo and Mariah, and will return on September 9.

Woman in the park

Actress Kelly Coffield Park, known for her appearance in Scary Movie, has been cast in the role of Suzanne Fuller on The Young and the Restless. She’ll appear on September 5 in a scene with Adam that takes place in Chancellor Park.

Lookalike for male character

Young and Restless is seeking to cast a male body double for an actor in a main role who is tall, in the 30 – 40 year age range, and who has dark brunette hair, longer on top and shorter on the sides, for action scenes involving fighting.

New character with a connection

Actress Anna Grace Barlow is set to join Young and Restless as Zoe Hardisty, a new character who shares a surprising connection to a Genoa City jet-setter, according to Soap Opera Digest. Barlow, who appeared on The Fosters, is slated to appear in several episodes beginning August 15.

Genoa City Priest

Mark Berry has been cast on Young and the Restless as Father Francis and will first appear on Friday August 16.

Representing Adam

Actress Heather Mazur was cast as Adam’s lawyer, Brenda Brecheen on The Young and the Restless. She first appeared in January 2018 and most recently on July 25. Mazur plays Angela on Good Trouble and has had roles on numerous television series.

Party time

The Young and the Restless is seeking physically fit, very attractive male or female dayplayers of any ethnicity in the 21 to 35 year age range to appear in the background of upcoming party scenes.

High stakes woman

Actress Tina Casciani plays Riza Thomas, the woman who met with Victor in Las Vegas on May 3, and who will also crossed paths with Sharon on May 10 on Young and Restless. She’ll return on June 17.

Beautiful clientele

Young and Restless is looking to cast men and women in their mid-twenties of any ethnicity to appear as hotel and bar patrons in the background of scenes. The soap is seeking very attractive, physically fit candidates who would be comfortable wearing swim attire and who don’t mind getting wet.

Influential man

Tyler Johnson has joined Young and Restless as Theo Vanderway, a man who manages social media influencers and who worked with Kyle in New York. The actor, who had roles on Gossip Girl and 30 Rock, first appears on June 3. The Theo character appeared in episodes on May 9 and 10, and was played by Nashville actor, Nic Luken.