Sharon and Rey on Young and Restless
Credit: Image: T. Arroyo/JPI

Will this Young and Restless couple’s discovery affect their relationship?’s Young and the Restless spoilers indicate that Sharon and Rey will make a startling discovery at week’s end. It’s been teased that Rey will agree to Nikki Newman’s request to investigate Victor’s mysterious activities in Nevada, and that Sharon will decide to join him in Las Vegas on the case. Given that Nikki found a psychiatrist’s bill, but Victor’s not the one seeing the doctor, it stands to reason that someone else is involved. With Adam Newman returning to Young and Restless sometime this month there is every reason to believe that Sharon and Rey will discover that Victor has been helping his presumed dead son – this would be shocking indeed and could lead to big drama with numerous characters.

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Considering Sharon was once married to Adam, this revelation could have ramifications for her new relationship with Rey should headwriter Josh Griffith decide to go that route rather than bring back Chelsea. But Sharon isn’t the only one who would be affected by Adam’s shocking return. Nick is raising Adam’s son, Christian, and could once again face losing custody of the boy. This is probably Nick’s worst nightmare after already going through the custody battle with Victor.

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Adam’s also been Victor’s favorite pick to replace him at Newman Enterprises in the past, and if Victor plans to install Adam at the company in a prominent position, it’s bound to infuriate Victoria, who would surely fight tooth and nail to fend off another challenge from her half-brother.

While we wait to find out what will happen with Sharon and Rey’s discovery, let know your thoughts and find out what else is ahead in the Young and the Restless spoilers.