Abby does damage control Young and Restless

Image: Howard Wise/JPI

Is Young and Restless’ new restaurant opening in jeopardy?’s Young and the Restless spoilers indicate that Abby will have to do damage control this week, which left us wondering what might happen to mess up the grand opening of the new restaurant.

Abby left Dark Horse and put all her eggs in one basket with her new restaurant, a venture in which she’s partnered with Devon, and features Lola as the hot new up-and-coming chef. Abby told Mariah that GC Buzz could exclusively cover the opening, but Devon wasn’t in the loop, and called Abby out on it, so what if wires get crossed and no one shows up to cover the restaurant’s opening? We’re pretty sure no publicity is bad publicity…

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Another possible scenario is Summer showing up at the grand opening to shame Abby’s head chef, Lola, for trying to seduce/steal her husband. While the move would surely not go over well with Kyle, it’s doubtful that would stop a Summer scorned, who wouldn’t be able to resist the prospect of ruining Lola’s big debut and maybe even her career in Genoa City. It’s also doubtful that Summer would stop to worry about Abby’s feelings, given her aunt had sex with Summer’s late husband, Austin.

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Arturo will seek another chance with Abby, and if she decides to give her ex-fiance another shot, imagine the chaos if Mia interrupted Abby’s big night to announce that Arturo may be the father of her unborn child. It would be humiliating for Abby and the scandal would surely take the spotlight off of the restaurant. This may be the least likely scenario, however, as Mia is still focused on winning back Rey, and would also be hurting Lola.

While we wait to find out what will happen with Abby, let know your thoughts, vote in the poll below, and find out what else is ahead in the Young and the Restless spoilers.