Michael Nikki Sharon Brittany court
Credit: Image: Howard Wise/JPI

Soapy courtroom drama ahead.

Soaps.com’s Young and the Restless spoilers indicate that we’ve another week ahead of courtroom drama until Nikki, Sharon, and Victoria find themselves awaiting their sentencing.

With Phyllis taking the stand and Christine twisting her words, it didn’t look good for the women, especially with Chris determined to prove it was murder, not self-defense. However, Michael and Brittany did their best to discredit Phyllis by questioning her motives, which left things looking like they could go either way.

Rey’s testimony is still to come, and spoilers say Brittany will be bent on making it look like he coerced Sharon’s confession by claiming he was in love with her, and if that’s not enough, he didn’t read Sharon her rights immediately, so the sharp attorney may be able to get the charges against Sharon thrown out. Either way, it will be messy as Mia is expected to be in the courtroom supporting her husband when his declaration of love is brought to light.

It also looks like Victoria will take the stand to defend herself, which Michael was hoping to avoid, so depending what happens, she could generate sympathy from jurors, or cement their guilt with her testimony.

It’s likely the women will be found guilty, but this storyline has been chock full of twists and so it wouldn’t be surprising that a last-minute reprieve could come in some form – with Thad Luckinbill returning to Y&R JT might even show up alive – stranger things have happened. Of course, he could also be appearing as a ghost or in flashbacks, so nothing’s a given.

While we wait to find out what will happen with Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon’s sentencing, let Soaps.com know your predictions, cast a vote in the poll, and find out what else is ahead in the Young and the Restless spoilers.