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Will Ana be able to help Devon?

As reported by, Devon’s younger sister is set to come back to Genoa City next week and surprise her brother in a big way. She’ll be a little older, and with American Idol 14 finalist Loren Lott cast as Ana Hamilton, presumably she is still singing, and just as talented as she was before.

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As a youngster, Ana performed at Neil’s club, Indigo, and at Katherine Chancellor’s charity gala before going off to music school in New Hampshire on a scholarship. She later returned to town, and sang at Katherine and Murphy’s wedding and in the Christmas pageant. Ana also recorded Love Will Find a Way for Devon’s record label back in 2012, so there’s every reason to believe she could sign a recording deal with Hamilton-Winters Group’s music division – perhaps to revive her brother’s flagging spirits as he continues to deal with emptiness left in the wake of Hilary’s death. She may be able to dole out some good advice to Devon, given that she once convinced him to forgive their mother, Harmony, for her shortcomings as a parent. Of course Devon’s situation may become serious enough that an intervention is required, as spoilers indicate he’s spiraling and self-medicating. If she’s back for an intervention, Ana will have to reacquaint herself with the Winters family members, which includes the Ashby twins, Charlie and Mattie, and Cane and Nate. Perhaps she’ll be a source of strength for them as well, as they struggle with Lily’s ongoing absence due to her prison sentence.

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This time around, Ana will also be old enough to have a love interest – perhaps she’ll catch Nate’s eye, as they’re not actually related…or would that be a little weird given that they’re both in Devon’s family? In any case, it’s been over a year since his love, Caroline, passed away, so it’s a possibility, and one that might work favorably for Nate, who has lacked purpose and seems to pop up only to serve as a counsel to other characters. Either way, Ana’s return will bolster the Winters family, whose appearances onscreen have dwindled with the absences of Hilary, Lily, and now Neil, who has temporarily located.

While we wait to find out more about what Ana’s story will be, let know your predictions, and find out what else is ahead in the Young and Restless spoilers.