Credit: Image: Jill Johnson/JPI

The Young and the Restless alum opens up about sex and harassment.

Thom Bierdz, who has played Phillip Chancellor III on The Young and the Restless on and off since 1996, has published a new book. As readers may know, aside from acting, Thom Bierdz is an artist and author. His latest book Uncensored is about his own journey as a gay man and takes a humorous look at his sex life. He spoke with Soap Opera Digest about the new book, which is about more than just sex. He explains, “It’s much more of a psychological self-examination of a young man seeking Hollywood fame and defying limits set upon him early on, struggling with anxiety, addiction to falling in love, huge family tragedies and roller-coaster highs and lows.” He initially thought only gay men would be interested in the book, but quickly learned many of his female friends found reading the book liberating.

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The book details some of the unwanted sexual advances and assaults Bierdz has experienced over the years, which include a former boss and Hollywood photographer. Despite living a hard life, including the murder of his mother by his schizophrenic brother which is detailed in his first book, Forgiving Troy, Bierdz describes his life as amazing. “Few people have the freedom I do. I live alone with two rescue dogs in a rental home in the Lake Arrowhead forest, and make a living painting portrait and opening American Art Awards, where I bring work from artists in 60 countries to America’s best galleries and museums. I have no boss, no commitments. I never want to leave this paradise with postcard views and squirrels and blue jays eating peanuts off my deck.” As for his work as an author, Bierdz is planning five more books over the next several years ranging from a book of easy vegan recipes to encounters with spirit guides.

When asked if he keeps in touch with his former Y&R co-stars, and if any know of the book, he said, “I am in touch with maybe 10 of my beloved co-stars on Facebook.” He knows that Kate Linder [Esther], Jess Walton [Jill] and Brenda Dickson [ex-Jill] are aware of the book. When asked if he’d return to Y&R he noted, “Any TV time is always good for my painting sales, so I wouldn’t turn any down.” He’d love to see, “Phillip like Victor Newman, a cutthroat business executive, taking over Chancellor Industries after he wins a lawsuit claiming the entire inheritance from a newly discovered will citing his father’s wishes from decades ago.”