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Updates in casting news for The Young and the Restless.

Young and the Restless is casting for dayplayer, recurring roles, and extras.

Musician making ends meet

Y&R has cast the recurring role of Timothy, an aspiring rock star, who currently waits tables. An actor with strong singing skills was chosen to play the character, who will be appearing soon, according to Soap Opera Digest.

Millennial business professionals

Young and the Restless is looking to cast men (dark hair, 5’9 – 5’11) and women in their early 20s for background roles. Must have sexy, fashionable wardrobe and be physically fit.

Down on their luck

Y&R is seeking actors to play homeless people in the background of scenes. Potential candidates must be able to provide their own appropriate wardrobe.

Rock and roll

The Young and the Restless is casting trendy music types of any ethnicity in the 21 – 35 year age range to play music industry hipsters and groupies in the background of scenes. Hopefuls must have their own fashionable, rock and roll wardrobe.

Looking good

Y&R is seeking very attractive male models to appear in the background of a scene. Candidates must be tall.

Law enforcement

The Young and the Restless is seeking tall, fit male and female actors over the age of 21 and of any ethnicity to play police officers in the background of scenes in Genoa City.


Todd Aaron Brotze appeared on Y&R as a minister on October 3, 4 and 5 during what was to be Nick and Sharon’s wedding.

Ashley’s chemist

Y&R has cast Coby Ryan McLaughlin as Andrew, the chemist Ashley hired. He first appeared on September 17 and will also be seen October 8 and 9.

Attractive party-goers

The Young and the Restless is seeking extras of any ethnicity in the 21 – 45 year age range with an upscale wardrobe to appear in the background of a cocktail party on the show.

Young songwriter

Y&R is seeking an African-American female in her early 20s to play the role of Mandy, a talented songwriter just now finding her place in the world. Auditions are currently ongoing for the role, which begins taping October 19.

Specific haircut required

Young and the Restless is looking for a 5’ 5 – 5’ 6 female to appear in background scenes, ages 45 – 60, pant size 6, dress size 8, shoe 8 1/2, waist 29”. Must have blonde hair with ‘a-line bob’ cut.

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Clean up job

The Young and the Restless is looking to hire an actor to play a janitor who will appear in the background of scenes.

Feeling fabulous

Y&R is looking for a woman in her mid-thirties to mid-forties to play the new role of Nora, an ambitious and beautiful female who has an instinct for knowing what makes women look and feel fabulous. According to Soap Opera Digest, the series regular role begins filming on October 5, so she would first be seen several weeks later.

Mixing it up at Jabot and Newman Enterprises

Y&R has cast English and Australian actress Alice Hunter in the new role of Kerry Johnson, a sweet young woman who isn’t above crossing lines. Johnson is a Jabot employee who will also interact with those at Newman. She is not related to Mamie Johnson. She debuts on October 31.