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Young and Restless star’s close and creepy encounter.

Updated October 8: can share that Eileen Davidson updated Instagram followers on her scary bite situation by posting a photo showing the infection still present on her upper arm, and stated, “Spider bite infection has not grown in 5 days so I’m hoping for the best! Still there though.?”

On October 2 we reported, Eileen Davidson left Y&R a week ago, and unfortunately, just as her retirement began, she suffered a close encounter with what she believed was a brown recluse spider…in her bed! She later updated fans to tell them the spider wasn’t a brown recluse. As the actress described on her Instagram post, the incident left her with a nasty bite. She captioned her photo, “Brown recluse got me! #creepy #spiderbite #someonessleepinginmybed” Commenters on the post pleaded with Davidson to go get the bite checked out, and after a few days passed, she took to Instagram once again to update followers that the bite had become infected, and said, “So my spider bite has become infected. I’m on two antibiotics, I’ve had an injection of antibiotics and a tetanus shot. Two topical ointments too. What???!!!”

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Brown recluse got me! #creepy #spiderbite #someonessleepinginmybed

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