The 11th Annual Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation tea fund-raiser.

Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe Mitchell to The Young and the Restless fans) thinks chivalry is dead. At least that is what she experienced when participating in a bicycle tour of Vancouver, British Columbia’s Stanley Park with her cohorts, Christian Leblanc (Michael Baldwin), Genoa City’s Co-CEO of Jabot Cosmetics Billy Abbott (Billy Miller) and Phyllis’ love child Danny Romalotti (Michael Graziadei). Elizabeth was the one to come to Christian’s rescue when he fell off the bike he rented. “I wrapped him up. I put the chain back on. I even got covered in grease!” she says while working the room at the Y&R 11th annual Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation tea fund-raiser held at the Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle in downtown Vancouver. When asked the same question about assisting Leblanc in the park, Miller replies with a grin, “Christian fell down and went boom.” Sporting a bandage on one hand, Leblanc and his cast mates opened themselves up to a question and answer session where they were challenged on whether or not they would do the right thing in their character roles and forgive their love interests, (that being Daniel of course forgiving Amber), to if they would consider doing the jobs in real life of the characters they portray. Leblanc, the show’s notorious slick attorney, promptly tells the fan asking the question, “Nobody would admit that would they?” He elaborates, “I came to this (acting) late. I was going to be a doctor – a pediatrician. I would have been looking after your children!” In reality, both Christian Leblanc and Kate Linder aren’t much like their alter egos. Christian is much more relaxed and absolutely hysterical, while Kate assures she isn’t that much like Esther! “I can tell you this. My husband has never heard the words, dinner is served,” she says with a grin.