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Ann Turner’s revenge led to Hilary Curtis’ life.

With Mishael Morgan’s departure from Y&R as Hilary Curtis after Morgan’s contract talks fell through, Soaps.com decided to take a look back at her character’s history on the show. Though Hilary’s time in Genoa City was often troubled, and she made plenty of enemies (and frenemies!), she discovered her true love in Devon Hamilton, became a mentor to Shauna, and conceived a baby, all of which revealed her softer side and a yearning for acceptance and family.

A thorn on a rose

When a series of hurtful exposes on Neil Winters’ loved ones began hitting GC Buzz following a burglary at his home, Kevin Fisher tracked the source of the uploads to the Athletic Club’s business center. Neil’s girlfriend, Leslie Michaelson, made a connection to a packet of love letters from a woman named Rose to her late father, Gus, and discovered that Rose had died, leaving behind a daughter, Ann Turner. Neil realized that during his alcoholic period, he’d played a role in Rose’s death, leaving her drunk in a motel room, and viewers soon learned that Cane Ashby’s assistant, Hilary Curtis, was Ann, who blamed Neil for her mother’s death. Hilary drugged and kissed Cane as part of her machinations, and he and Lily figured out her identity. Neil came clean to Hilary, who appeared to forgive him, but actually spiked the former alcoholic’s drink. Devon offered Hilary a million dollars to leave town, but she turned him down, after which her partner-in-crime, Mason, left her. Leslie intervened with Hilary, who then genuinely forgave Neil, and took his offer of a job at Jabot, where she began her friendship with Jack Abbott.

Moving forward

Hilary gained Devon’s trust by revealing to him that Mason was the person who had stolen his credit cards and identity. When Devon bought the Athletic Club and installed Cane and Lily to run it, he over-rode their decision to put Hilary out and gave her a suite. Tension continued between Hilary and Lily as they planned the Delia Foundation fundraiser, and Lily was stunned to realize Devon was attracted to Hilary. He asked Hilary out, but before things could take off between them, she awkwardly kissed Jack, then took a business trip with Neil, who was devastated by Leslie’s unexpected marriage to a man she’d only known a few weeks. They kissed and later ended up making love. Though they kept their burgeoning relationship under wraps, Devon spotted them kissing and, hurt, turned hostile. Neil moved Hilary into his place and asked her to marry him. Devon made a last-minute attempt to persuade Hilary she’d be better off with him, but she went through with her wedding to Neil in Chancellor Park.

The affair

Lily’s animosity toward Hilary didn’t cool after the marriage, and after she pushed her into the Athletic Club pool, Devon, still in love, took Hilary to a suite and sent her clothes to be dried. While searching for her clothes in housekeeping’s laundry area, Devon and Hilary finally made love. Cane saw them, and later advised Hilary to let Neil go if she loved Devon. After connecting even more deeply when their car broke down in a remote area overnight, Hilary and Devon declared their love and decided to come clean to Neil. Unfortunately, Neil was electrocuted in the old house he’d purchased for Hilary and ended up blind. Hilary devoted herself to Neil, who became angry over his condition, and fought her attraction to Devon, though they eventually gave in to passion again and made love. Still, feeling guilty, Hilary refused Neil’s offer of a divorce. When she and Devon shared a fantasy night in New York, Cane and Neil surprised them, though Devon was able to leave unnoticed as Neil was still blind. The affair continued until Neil, on a flight to Chicago, revealed not only that he was drinking again, but that his sight had returned and he’d seen Hilary in bed with Devon. The plane crashed and Neil saved Hilary’s life before going for help. Later, in the hospital, Hilary pretended the deception had all been part of her plan to ruin Neil’s life, so Devon could salvage his relationship with his father, and privately cried that she’d hurt those she loved the most.


Hilary tried to make amends by seducing the A.D.A. when Neil was accused of the drinking and driving related death of Christine Williams’ unborn child, so Neil was offered a plea bargain with no prison time. She confessed to Devon that she still loved him, and that she’d been the one to help Neil. Devon and Hilary reunited, though Neil remained bitter. Hilary and Neil divorced, and Devon proposed to her. The duo was stunned when Lily lent her support – her perspective had changed when she’d cheated on Cane. A wedding was planned, with Lily as consultant, and during the ceremony, Neil surprised everyone by giving Devon and Hilary his blessing.

Revenge gone wrong

Neil appeared to Hilary while she was hiking alone on her honeymoon, and showed her a video of Devon (who was set-up) supposedly cheating. Afterward, Hilary disappeared and only a bloody shoe was found. A frantic and bewildered Devon ended up being charged with her murder. Hilary, however, was alive, and being kept by Neil in the boathouse on the property he’d bought for them, where she was treated by Dr. Simon Neville. In a drugged stupor, Hilary left while Neville was asleep and made her way back to Genoa City, where she ended up in the hospital. It became apparent she believed she was still married to Neil, and only he could comfort her. Neil eventually confessed that he’d been arguing with her on the cliff, she’d fallen, and he’d brought her back and enlisted Neville, using his dangerous experimental treatment, to save her life. Hilary continued with the drug therapy and joined in Neville’s research business at the Jabot lab with Ashley Abbott and Neil, backed financially by Devon. Hilary seduced Neil in the lab and blackmailed Ashley for her job, by threatening to tell the Abbotts she was dying and using the protocol herself. Hilary became rather cold and ruthless during this time, but when she ended up back in the hospital, Devon was there for her.

GC Buzz

Devon bought the cut-throat gossip show, GC Buzz, in hopes of cleaning it up, and installed Hilary as host, but she was just as intent on reporting scandals, and treated her assistant, Mariah Copeland, poorly. Devon fired Hilary, reinstated her, and eventually decided she was ‘pure evil’ after he learned she tripped Mariah live on air while at a charity auction. That night, Devon crashed his new sports car and landed in a coma. When he awoke, he didn’t remember the clash with Hilary, who cared for him. It wasn’t long before Devon’s memory returned, however, and though he and Hilary reconciled briefly, they eventually divorced, with Hilary asking only for GC Buzz as a settlement. She renamed the show The Hilary Hour, and began having sex with photographer, Jordan Wilde, and ended up in a jealous catfight with Mariah after her co-star made love with Devon. Hilary continued to air juicy scandals, and after learning Cane had a one-night stand with Juliet in Tokyo, convinced the woman to sue him and Brash and Sassy for sexual harassment. During this time, Lily and Cane split, and Lily spent time with her old friend, Jordan. When he returned to Hilary, she wasn’t keen on being his second choice and exposed his conman past on her show as revenge. Jordan, in turn, posted nude photos of Hilary, causing her show to lose advertisers. Jack agreed that Jabot would sponsor the show if it adopted a cleaner style, and Hilary agreed.

Baby fever

While Devon and Mariah broke up, Hilary became determined to make her dream of becoming a mother come true. Her pal, Phyllis, set her up with Ravi Shapur, but that didn’t go well, and Hilary became leery of the risks of using a sperm donor. During this time, Devon had brought The Hilary Hour back to his company, Hamilton-Winters Group, but became furious with his ex, after learning she was behind the sexual harassment suit that affected Cane and Lily. It was Hilary’s bond with Cane’s baby son by Juliet, Sam, that had triggered her baby fever, and she was heartbroken to be banned from seeing him. Devon eventually softened toward Hilary after learning she’d been mentoring a teenage girl, Shauna, and let her see Sam when he was caring for the boy. In time, Devon agreed to be Hilary’s sperm donor and they signed a contract, though agreed they wouldn’t be getting back together. When Lily and Cane deliberately caused Hilary to miss her insemination appointment, Devon and Hilary ended up in a suite and had sex to try for a baby the old-fashioned way. When Hilary let Simone, the singer Devon was seeing, know about it, he became disillusioned with her again. Hilary believed she was pregnant, but was heartbroken to discover she’d miscarried almost immediately. Hilary made an appointment to be inseminated with Devon’s sperm without telling him, but confessed when he showed up at the hospital. They went ahead with the insemination, and this time Hilary’s pregnancy took, Devon ended things with Simone, and eventually moved Hilary into his penthouse. Devon’s family was supportive, though reluctantly, when he announced they were back together. Devon and Hilary declared their love on Memorial Day. After Hilary was involved in a car wreck with Lily at the wheel, she lost the baby. Later, Hilary died in Devon’s arms after they were married in a romantic hospital ceremony.