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Soap actress relates to struggling kids.

The Young and the Restless, Days of our Lives, and All My Children alum, Chrishell Hartley, opened up to People’s Page Six in recent months about her homeless past and how it still affects her today despite her success and that of husband Justin Hartley. learned that Hartley’s family was without a place to live several times as she grew up. She explained, “I was homeless a few times in my life and it was really hard growing up, but now I’m super grateful about everything.” The actress characterized herself as “still really cheap,” and told a story about reusing her make-up remover pads. She recalled, “I only used half of it! Justin came home from work and went to use one…he asked why there was a dirty one in there! It sounds embarrassing to say out loud, but I didn’t even think twice about it — it does sound gross! I have to reevaluate.” The actress also tweeted about how to get the most out of a tube of lipstick.

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Hartley revealed that as a child she was homeless in both seventh and tenth grade, and opened up by adding, “As you can imagine, as a high schooler it wasn’t the coolest thing. It was just really hard to live the lie at school and make sure no one knows and being really embarrassed about it. Even talking about it now I start to sweat.” Of other kids in similar situations, she observed, “It’s hard. I really relate to them and I want to help them as much as possible. It’s a unique situation that you’ll never forget where you came from.” For that reason, she now supports organizations such as Upward Bound House, whose mission is to eliminate homelessness among families with children by providing housing, supportive services and advocacy, and Blessings in a Backpack, which mobilizes communities, individuals, and resources to provide food on the weekends for elementary school children across America who might otherwise go hungry. Hartley promoted Blessings in a Backpack this year on Giving Tuesday on her Instagram.

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– Candace Young