Chelsea says goodbye to Genoa City.’s Y&R recap revealed that Chelsea’s storyline is wrapping up, as she left town with Connor in tow (after a last minute decision to leave Christian behind), for parts unknown. Previously, Melissa Claire Egan confirmed her Y&R exit with a post to fans on social media.

Con artist beginnings

Chelsea Lawson first turned up in Genoa City in 2011 on Victoria and Billy’s doorstep. She was a pregnant con artist who had crossed paths with Billy (going by Liam) in Myanmar,Vikki-Billy-Chelsea-pregnant-YR-PS and accused him of raping her and fathering the child. A DNA test proved Billy was, in fact, the father, and after the rape allegation was cleared up (Chelsea had actually drugged him), Victoria and Billy moved Chelsea into their garage apartment. When Chelsea decided she wanted the couple to raise her baby, her mother, Anita arrived in town determined to take over the con. It turned out Victor was behind it all, in an effort to break up Victoria’s marriage to Billy. Anita stayed in town, and ran into Jeffrey Bardwell, who was eventually revealed to be Chelsea’s biological father.

Falling in love

Chelsea began spending time with Newman family outcast, Adam, and they bonded over trying to escape their regrettable pasts.Chelsea-Adam-falling-love-YR-HW Adam proved his friendship by locating Chelsea after she’d had a fight with Victoria, saving her from an icy lake, and delivering her baby boy. After she signed over her parental rights, Chelsea and Adam became lovers and eventually he proposed. They were married on Adam’s mother, Hope’s, farm in Kansas after a failed last-ditch effort by Sharon to reconcile with him. Adam took Chelsea home to live in the mansion he’d purchased from Genevieve Atkinson, and it wasn’t long before Chelsea became pregnant, however she miscarried when a distraught Summer ran her car into theirs as they traveled to the airport for a honeymoon getaway. Chelsea and Adam went through a rough patch after the miscarriage, as he spent time helping Sharon, however they reconciled, only to end up heading for a divorce after Chelsea told the Newmans that Sharon had burned down their ranch.

Designing and deception

Chelsea decided to start a company with new friend, Chloe, and along with Gloria, they were hired as consultants by Jabot. Dylan-Chelsea-love-YR-SSChelsea realized she was pregnant again, and around the same time, ended up having sex with Dylan McAvoy. When she was unable to tell Adam about the pregnancy, she ended up running with the story that the baby was Dylan’s. Adam suspected this wasn’t true, but Dylan proposed and Chelsea managed to keep the truth hidden. After they were married, Chelsea went into labor and the baby was born…with the same degenerative eye disease that Adam had. Chelsea was forced to confess to the truth to Dylan, whose heart was broken. When Dylan took Connor during a PTSD episode, Adam insisted that Chelsea and the boy move into the penthouse with him.

Adam again

The next crisis involved Connor, who needed a corneal transplant otherwise he would go blind. The cornea ended up coming from Chelsea and Billy’s daughter, Delia, who was killed by a hit-and-run driver…unbeknownst to Chelsea, it was Adam behind the wheel. The transplant was a success, Chelsea and Dylan’s divorce was finalized, and she and Adam grew closer. Chloe-Victor-Chelsea-Kevin-paris-YR-SSThey decided to remarry and move to Paris, but after the nuptials, Chelsea came home to a videotaped confession from Adam that he was the hit-and-run driver. As Victor, Chloe, and Anita rallied around Chelsea, the news came that Billy and Adam had been in a car crash, the car exploded, and Adam was presumed dead. Chloe became increasingly distraught and took off with Connor to Paris. Chelsea, Kevin, and Victor flew overseas and brought them back. Chelsea took out a restraining order to keep Chloe away from Connor, and they had a catfight at a fashion show.

Billy and Gabriel

After Chelsea had Adam declared dead and held a memorial, she began spending time with Billy, who felt connected to Connor due to the corneal transplant. Billy eventually moved in with Chelsea, and a man named Gabriel took an interest in Chelsea and Connor.Chelsea-Billy-Gabriel-YR-SS After Chelsea saw Billy kiss Victoria, she had sex with Gabriel. Billy found out and revealed it to all the guests who had gathered for their wedding. Chelsea had sex with Gabriel again, and they both ended up working at Newman Enterprises. One night, after making love in the office, Chelsea was shocked to hear Gabriel refer to himself as Adam Newman. Chelsea was torn about whether or not Adam should turn himself in, and eventually he spirited her away to Paris where they would start over. However, Victor sued them for visitation of Connor, and they were forced to stay in Genoa City. When Chelsea’s line ran into problems, and she learned Adam had been working with the dastardly Ian Ward, she was furious and told Billy and Victoria that Gabriel was Adam. Chelsea and Adam reconciled again after Chloe held him at gunpoint and he was arrested, and she testified at his trial. Adam got a ten year sentence, but Chloe ran him down with a car as he left court. Later, Adam’s sentence was reduced to five years’ probation after his heroics in the fire at Newman Towers.

Adam’s death

Adam told Chelsea that he fathered Sage Warner’s child, she forgave him, and kept the secret, but their happiness was short-lived as Victor framed Adam for Constance Bingham’s murder and he wound up in prison, where he asked Nick to look out for Chelsea and Connor.Chelsea-Adam-cabin-YR-HW Eventually, Victor broke him out and Chelsea and Connor met up with him in a secluded cabin. They were to start over elsewhere, but Chelsea had to take Connor to the hospital, and left with Nick, as her car was being sought by authorities. When they returned, the cabin exploded. Adam’s DNA was discovered at the scene and he was pronounced dead.

The final chapter…for now

Chelsea grew closer to Nick, and kept the secret that his son by Sage, Christian, was actually Adam’s boy. After learning that Chloe had murdered Adam at the cabin, Chelsea received support from Nick, Chelsea-Nick-walls-YR-HWwho eventually moved into the penthouse. As she, Nick, Connor, and Christian became like a family, Chelsea felt threatened by Victor, who also knew the truth of Christian’s paternity. Unnerved by money disappearing from Nick’s bank account, Chelsea reverted to her con artist ways and set up a mirror website for her Chelsea 2.0 line and stashed the cash. After Nick found it, and Phyllis became suspicious that Chelsea was behind the fraud, the walls began to close in and Chelsea decided to make a run for it with the boys. At the last minute, she left Christian behind, then called someone to say she was on her way. While some may think Adam is alive, it’s more likely she phoned Jordan or her mother, as Catherine Bach returns to Y&R as Anita.

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– Candace Young