Y&R actor on the road to recovery after alleged mental health scare.

Updated November 16: Soaps.com is happy to report that Kristoff St. John is continuing to do well. The actor posted his heartfelt thanks on Facebook and stated, “Thank you to all my friends on FB, social media and beyond. I’m in awe of the outpouring of love. I have read your amazing comments and have seen wonderful pictures and inspirational quotes and words that you have given me. You have helped me more than you will ever know. I have made great strides in the last 3 weeks. I am healthy and thriving. I have reclaimed my strength. I am moving forward. I have no other choice. Following God’s plan. This was some serious family love that you showed me. I will never, ever go back in time to repeat such dark behavior. I love my family and friends way too much. Thank you always for supporting me and standing by the St. John family. ‘Fall seven times, rise eight. Life begins now!’ Love, peace and light. Kristoff.”

On November 9 we passed along a thank you from Kristoff St. John for the continued love and support he’s received from his fans during this difficult time. The “Y&R” actor posted a message on Instagram and stated, “To all of mi IG peeps. Thanks for throwing out a life preserver… Words cannot express the gratitude that I feel to have so much love that you bathe me in…anoint me with…cloak me with. I am humbled. Life is precious. I look forward to continuing this journey together with all of you…us. Because at the end of the day, at the magic hour, we are warmed with an all knowing presence of light and love. My heart beats to the music of our creation. You are an integral piece of my personal spiritual puzzle, as I hope I am to yours. I love you…forever. #gratitude #friends #life #journey #love #yr #cbs.”

For the first time since the actor’s alleged mental health scare on Thursday October 19, Kristoff St. John has taken to Twitter and captioned his tweet (read below) with, “‘Fall seven times, rise eight. Life begins now.’ #resurrection #Life #PleaseRead.” Soaps.com sends St. John our thoughts of encouragement during this difficult time.

On October 23 Mia St. John released a statement to ET in regard to her ex-husband Kristoff St. John…

“I want the world to know the truth about what is happening with Kristoff, because currently there is inaccurate, and fabricated information being reported by certain online outlets. No parent should ever have to bury their child, and for those who do, it is a nightmare that haunts you forever. The death of our beloved son Julian, has taken a toll on both of us. He is an actor and while he may appear whole on the outside, his heart is broken. As a society we need to start taking mental health seriously and realize that no one is immune.” She went on to say, “Last week, an incident occurred, that pushed him to the breaking point, but was not accurately reported. I hope that at this moment we can all wrap our arms around Kristoff and help him in this time of need. Help him heal and move forward. This is not a ‘gossip’ story, or an interesting headline, this is a man trying to deal with a tragedy, that has torn apart his soul. Right now what he needs is your thoughts and prayers.”

On October 22, Soaps.com learned through the entertainment site, TMZ is alleging that former boxer Mia St. John, the ex-wife of “Young and the Restless” star, Kristoff St. John (Neil Winters) called the police Thursday night to describe how her ex-husband was in a state, sending her photos which showed St. John holding a gun to his head. Once the authorities arrived on scene, they confiscated 2 guns and placed the actor under a 72 hour hold for mental evaluation.

Hours after that report surfaced, there was an update from TMZ which states that Mia St. John was not the person who called the police or had the photos sent to her of Kristoff St. John holding a gun to his head. In fact, the ex-wife told TMZ in a tweet, “This is a LIE!!! You cruel inhumane pricks!!!!! I demand you recant this! @TMZ” and updated with another tweet adding, “You F-ing liars!!!! Take this down immediately! Or I am suing you! @TMZ. Ppl plz don’t believe the gossip on trashy news re my x @kristoffstjohn1 i’ll be putting out a statement w/ r FRIENDS @etnowsoon #TheTruth”

In 2015, the St. John’s son Julian was found dead at age 24 in his room at a mental health care facility in Long Beach, California, after suffering from schizophrenia for several years. His death was listed as a suicide. Shortly after, a wrongful death lawsuit was filed against the La Casa Psychiatric Health Facility, by his parents, who alleged that their son was under suicide watch and the staff skipped the mandatory observations of their son, which were supposed to be conducted at 15 minute intervals. According to the couple, the day Julian died, the surveillance footage showed that nobody had checked on their son for over an hour before finding him dead with a bag over his head in the bathroom. The lawsuit was eventually settled out of court July of this year and the monies from the settlement were used to set up a foundation in Julian’s name in order to raise mental health awareness, called the “El Saber es Poder” (“Knowledge is Power”) Foundation.

According to TMZ, the reason St. John allegedly wanted to commit suicide was because he has been having such a devastating time with the anniversary of his son’s death approaching November 23.

Soaps.com staff sends our prayers and support to St. John. Please feel free to show your love in our comment section. If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health issues, know that you are not alone. This is nothing to be ashamed of. If in crisis mode, please visit Suicide Prevention Lifeline for help.

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– Christine Fix/Amy Mistretta