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“You’re afraid because of how hot it was.”

This week in’s “The Young and the Restless” Throwback Thursday poll we take a look back at a time in 1998 when Sharon Newman traveled to Denver and overheard her husband Nick Newman and Grace Turner discussing the hot sex they had…

In-laws Billy Abbott and Phyllis Abbott recently crossed the line, shared a passionate kiss and continue to bond. Years ago, Nick cheated as well with his wife’s best friend Grace and Sharon overheard all of the juicy details. Grace, who was Nick’s assistant, accompanied Nick to Denver on business. Sharon insisted on staying in Genoa City to be with Noah, which upset Nick who ended up having sex with Grace. Sharon realized she’d been overprotective and decided to surprise Nick – but it was Sharon who received quite the surprise upon her arrival outside Nick’s Denver hotel room.

The hotel door was open a crack as Grace talked about how good their sex had been and accused Nick of being afraid to admit it. Nick claimed the whole thing had been a mistake but Grace refused to accept it. Sharon approached the opened door as Grace continued to gush about their loving making the night before. Tears streamed down Sharon’s face as she turned away and rushed off. Inside the room, Nick stared into Grace’s eyes and…

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Did you get last week’s answer correct? John Abbott’s secretary, Audrey North, lied to Dina about having an affair with him.

Read’s Y&R 1990s episode guide for more on the scandal surrounding Sharon, Nick and Grace, including when Grace Turner found Cassie for Sharon, which in turn shocked Nick who had no idea Sharon had given up a child.

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– Amy Mistretta