knows that it’s every girl’s dream to wear a beautiful gown, so we were excited to learn that Daytime Emmy nominee Emily O’Brien (Jana Hawkes Fisher) is thrilled to be having a custom gown designed for her by Beverly Hills designer, Lorena Sarbu!

It turns out that Emily attended the grand opening of Lorena’s boutique in Beverly Hills about a month ago – and fell completely in love with her line!

The designer, who is a big fan of The Young and the Restless, discovered that Emily was nominated for a Daytime Emmy award, and would be attending the ceremony, so she approached the actress and asked for the opportunity to design her gown for the red carpet!

Emily enthusiastically agreed, and met with the designer to look at fabrics and design concepts. The gown is being created as we speak, but naturally, will not be revealed until Emily walks the red carpet! can’t wait to see Emily’s gown! Have you ever had the chance to wear an unforgettable dress? Share your memories with!