Credit: Steve Richard Harris (R.Scott) had the pleasure of touching base with actor Steve Richard Harris, who played the bartender at the Genoa City Athletic Club who recently wound up in bed with older woman Jill (Jess Walton)! Steve will be back, so we thought we’d get to know him, and find out the scoop! Congratulations on landing the role on The Young and the Restless! You’ve been on Daytime before, on One Life to Live and also on Another World, correct?

Steve: Yes! I was on Another World [as Zak Wilder]. I had a three-year contract, and was on for the final year run of the show. We got pulled off the air – just my luck! [laughs] My dad told me that I pulled that show down. “Don’t you ever do that again.” [laughs] Several years later I was offered the role [on One Life To Live], to replace Brandon Routh as Seth Anderson, and that was a four-year contract that lasted less than three years, after they fired our writers and producers and some actors, including myself. How has the set experience been at Y&R?

Steve: Well, now it’s so comfortable for me. I just go in there, and even though it’s a different studio, and actually a different state – I was always in New York – it just feels like home! I’m so relaxed and comfortable, and everyone is so sweet and laid-back – it’s just about getting in there and doing the work, and enjoying it, and then you leave. It’s been a blast. As short as your first scenes with Jill were, they were really good. As my friend, Diann, would say, “It’s nice to see a cougar get some tender vittles!” [Steve laughs out loud] What was it like working with Jess [Walton, Jill]?

She was so sweet, my God, what a sweetheart! I mean, she really made me feel so at home. That was my first day there, and she just made me feel so at ease – so comfortable. She was also appreciative of my work – complimenting me – it was really enjoyable. After I finished, actually, the scene in the bedroom, and we were wrapping for the day, she said, “That’s it?!” [Steve then said he might be back, we’ll see] She said, “Okay! Yeah, we’ll see!” [laughs] Sounds like you got Jess’s vote! Even though the part wasn’t a big one, it’s obvious you really come across on screen as not just a pretty face, but as an actor – which isn’t always the case.

Steve: For me, acting has always been, not to sound cliché, but it’s an art, and it’s always been a struggle to learn to perfect the ability to act natural in an imaginary situation. I’m always trying to deepen my experience as an actor, that way, when I do get a chance to ‘play’, I can really be in the moment and living that experience.
So, you’ve been back since to tape more scenes at Y&R recently?

Steve: I’ve been there in the past two weeks. Yeah, I did two more episodes. Was it also with Jess?

Steve: Actually, it’s not! That’s what I was expecting, but it had nothing to do with her! I interact with Gloria [Judith Chapman]… Oh, God! [laughs]

Steve: Yeah! And Jeff [Ted Shackleford]. And a really beautiful young girl, [checks script] Colleen [Tammin Sursok]! She was really sweet. They actually gave me a name too – Aidan. Before I was just the bartender.