Restless Rant
Week of June 22 -25:

Well, for this week’s episodes of The Twilight Zone, er, The Young and the Restless, there’s not a whole lot to say that I didn’t already cover last week. Some storylines rock, and some are duds. We’ll take a walk through them, and I’ll try not to repeat myself…

Colleen and the Board of Directors:
Oops, my bad, this story just disappeared into thin air – as did Colleen. But a little bird told me she’s on her way back – more on that when I publish my most recent interview.

The Winter’s Family: Whoops! They’re also missing in action, but if it means that I never have to see Devon lust after his aunt again, well, then just bring back Neil – thanks. Of course, Lily is still around, but she’s behaving strangely too – she’s taken to dressing up in disco-era hooker ensembles – perhaps to entice Cane into baby making?! Hmm…

The Cane Conundrum: Well, we were treated to lots of powerhouse scenes with Nina/Jill/Katherine on Monday, but no one in this storyline has been seen since. The empty casket, viles of blood, intriguing looks on Katherine’s face, and the disappearance of ‘Langley’ were all great touches – and explain some things – but certainly not all. Methinks Cane can’t reach his ‘uncle’ because he is on his way to GC – at least I hope so!! Bringing Tricia Cast back has been the best move this soap has made since they hired Billy Miller – jackpot!

Missing Murphy: I would love to see Murphy caught up in the middle of all the current Phillip-centered drama at the Chancellor Estate. Murphy is an excellent character that really enhances every scene he is in – where is he?

Addam’s Family: Headed from bad to unbearable. Ashley finally gets some of her old fire back, but sadly none of her brains. Victor, for all intents and purposes, appears to be on a healthy dose of Prozac. Vacant Abby, we’re supposed to believe, suddenly has better intuition than her mega-experienced mother, and to top it all off, Nikki Newman now appears to be the smartest of them all?! The Victor I knew would never have been fooled like this! To buy Adam’s story that jailbirds stabbed his corneas with needles?! C’mon!! Don’t even get me started on the idea that Rafe would believe Adam suddenly has feelings for him, especially considering the timing! As they’re saying in the message boards, when it comes to Rafe, here’s hoping he’s playin’ the player! Oh, and in spite of Adam’s little tete-a-tete with his mother’s photo – I still don’t understand why he’s done all of this! Note: I’m liking Estella and Rafe’s beefed-up roles – great job!

Adam Actor Switch: Chris Engen did a fantastic job in this role, especially playing the cocky, snarky beats of the character – he will be missed. Michael Muhney got a call, showed up, was handed a script with a front-burner amount of dialogue, and jumped right in – it showed slightly in his very first scene or two, but I am already comfortable with him in the role – he’s got the chops to play this character – and he’s done just as well as I had hoped he would do. He’ll bring different things to the role, but I expected that, and am wholly open to it. Welcome Michael, best wishes Chris…

Phyllis/Nick/Sharon/Jack: To borrow yet another expression from the message boards – this is a hot mess! Great acting by Michelle Stafford when Phyllis found Summer unconscious and called Nick, but story-wise, this is a not-so-merry-go-round that I want to get off! The storyline feels interminable and repetitive. Fans on all sides of the Shick/Phick/Shack/Phack debate feel jerked around, and Jack as a doormat is just so unappealing to me! Heck, even Mary Jane is less fun now that she has attempted murder on a little girl! Get a clue!