An interesting bit of news for readers that are fans of Beth Maitland, who plays Traci Abbott on The Young and the Restless – it seems Beth has signed on with a partner and started a new website!

Beth, along with partner Joel Brooks, who appeared in “My Sister Sam,” and “Six Feet Under,” have developed a site called Auditions LA, on which aspiring actors, or even experienced ones, can take an online course to sharpen audition skills!

Beth and Joel have combined their decades of experience, and say on the site, “It’s our goal to provide actors and actresses with the information they need to get past the nerves, digest audition material quickly and expertly, and apply creative techniques to that material to give the best audition every time!”

Congratulations to Beth on this exciting venture! Here’s hoping we see her pop up on Y&R again soon too! Have you ever auditioned for a part? What was your experience like? Share with below!