“What are you doing here?”

The latest Soaps.com “The Young and the Restless” Throwback Thursday poll surrounds a mid-1980s storyline where Lauren Fenmore was locked in a taxicab against her will…

Adam Newman recently became a target. Years ago, Lauren was someone’s as well when she climbed into a cab only to realize she’d been lured into the vehicle under malicious intent. Once inside the cab, Lauren was stunned to see the person behind the wheel. She reached for the door to escape but found it locked. She began asking questions and feared for Paul Williams’ safety. The man wouldn’t give Lauren a straight answer and continued to taunt her with off-handed replies.

Lauren couldn’t believe the man found her and began running through possible scenarios as to how it had happened. The man warned her not to ask any more questions and ordered her to stop pounding on the door, claiming it wouldn’t open until he opened it. Lauren begged and pleaded for the man to let her go to no avail.

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Previous week’s answer: Tricia ran over Tony on his motorcycle.

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– Amy Mistretta