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“Why does Dru have it in for you?” is bringing readers back to the mid-1990s in this week’s “The Young and the Restless” Throwback Thursday poll when Malcolm Winters learned exactly why his sister-in-law Drucilla disliked his girlfriend Keesha Monroe…

These days Cane can’t stand Joe and plans to prove the man who slept with his wife is out to get him. Years ago, Dru didn’t like Keesha, neither did her sister Olivia, and both women had a good reason why. Malcolm, on the other hand, was in the dark and asked Keesha to explain why Dru had it in for her. Keesha asked Malcolm to remember when they first met and how she acted cold toward him because she’d been dating someone. He recalled Keesha’s actions but reminded her it wasn’t long before she started dating him and ‘knocked that clown out of the picture’.

Malcolm was confused and wondered what an old boyfriend had to do with Dru not liking her. Keesha stunned Malcolm by revealing that the man she’d been dating had been Nathan Hastings, Olivia’s husband. Malcolm was disgusted that his girlfriend had been involved with a married man, more so that she hadn’t broken it off with Nathan once she learned he had a wife. Keesha insisted when she met Malcolm, and saw how much love he had to give her, she ended things with Nathan. When he just stood there staring at her, Keesha begged Malcolm to say something.

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Did you get last week’s answer correct? Dinner with Jack, Phyllis, Neil and Dru ended with a couple’s dance-off at Gina’s.

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– Amy Mistretta