“Somebody’s going to get hurt.”

This week’s “The Young and the Restless” Throwback Thursday poll takes Soaps.com readers back to the early 2000s when Phyllis Abbott was forced to have dinner with Drucilla Winters…

Various Genoa City residents recently shared meals together to celebrate Thanksgiving. Years ago, Phyllis and Drucilla’s dinner celebrations were anything but a joyous occasion. Jack and Neil ordered drinks at the bar at Gina’s to ply themselves with a bit of liquid courage while waiting for their spouses. Neil thought maybe they should’ve told Dru and Phyllis that dinner would consist of a foursome but Jack didn’t think there would be any issues, even though their wives couldn’t stand each other.

The women arrived and were none too happy to learn they’d be having dinner together. Jack and Neil wouldn’t take no for an answer and led them to the only available table in the restaurant. Over dinner, Phyllis and Dru slung insults at each other no matter how much Jack and Neil tried to keep the conversation civil. As the evening went on, one thing led to another and before anyone in the restaurant had fair warning, Phyllis and Dru were at it again.

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Answer to last week’s poll: Liz feared Snapper wouldn’t go through with the wedding because Sally McGuire was pregnant with his baby.

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– Amy Mistretta