“There’s something to be said for this side of town.”

Young and Restless super-couple Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) and Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) have mostly settled into retirement these days on their sprawling ranch, with their current lifestyle a far-cry from their beginnings. Longtime viewers will recall how the couple first met back in 1982 at The Bayou, but other Soaps.com readers may not be familiar with the story beyond occasional references to Nikki’s days as a stripper, usually when she’s trading barbs with a character such as Jill Foster Abbott (Jess Walton).

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On the heels of a failed marriage to Greg Foster (Wings Hauser), who believed his wife Nikki Reed had taken up with her former boyfriend Paul Williams (Doug Davidson) again, Nikki became a sensation at The Bayou where she worked as a stripper. Colonel Douglas Austin (John Michael Evans) brought his best friend Victor Newman to The Bayou for a night out. From the moment Nikki appeared on stage the crowd whistled and roared with anticipation for what was to come. Nikki received the reception well and began her number, dolled up in a silver dress with a red boa around her neck. The dancing began and clothes started to come off. She first shed her dress, then her earrings and red opera gloves followed as she made her way into the crowd.

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Douglas commented to Victor how talented Nikki was and Victor couldn’t deny how she had the men eating out of her hand. They watched as Nikki went back on stage and began teasing the crowd by undoing the top of the little red number she wore beneath the dress. By the time Nikki performed her finale, Victor realized he had never seen such a vision of beauty. He took Nikki home, where she was awed by his gifts of elegant clothing and jewelry, took lessons on how to be a lady, and spent her time playing the piano. Nikki fell in love with Victor. Though they spent one night together, Victor resisted the idea of marrying her, and in fact, Nikki wed another wealthy young man, Kevin Bancroft (Christopher Holder), unaware she was carrying Victor’s child. It wasn’t until after the truth of her daughter Victoria’s paternity came out, and Victor had saved Nikki from a dangerous man in St. Croix, that he finally realized he couldn’t live without her and they were married.

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