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“I’ve got nothing against you, pretty face.” is revisiting 1999 in this week’s “The Young and the Restless” Throwback Thursday poll when Nick Newman attacked Larry Warton and left him with a warning…

Ian Ward has recently proven that he refuses to take orders from anyone. Years ago, Nick expected Larry to heed one of his and warned the ex-con to stay away from someone he loved. Larry was on his lunch break when Nick stormed into the factory where he began working upon his release from prison. Nick immediately accused him of sending threatening letters to someone close to him and demanded that he stop.

Larry reminded Nick, aka rich boy, that he didn’t have any proof that he was behind the letters. Nick vowed to send Larry back to prison, as soon as he found the proof he needed to do so. As the men stood up and puffed out their chests, Larry assured Nick he had nothing against him – or his pretty face – but taunted how he had nothing against rich women either. Nick lunged at Larry, who called for help, acting the victim, until Nick was ordered to release him and leave the factory.

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Answer to last week’s poll: John told Patty he didn’t think Jack ever intended to marry her.

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– Amy Mistretta