Restless Rant
Week of June 8 -12:

Whenever I sit down to ‘Rant’ about The Young and the Restless, there is always that hope in the back of my mind that it will come out as more of a ‘Rave’. As with any viewer, when the show is full of good-storytelling and great acting, I’m happy, and love to acknowledge it! This week is a mixed bag – some stories are looking really good, but my beef is that every main storyline is simultaneously incorporating dark and twisty stuff. Where is the balance? Each tale involves a mystery, or a psycho, or plotting and scheming – even the romance-based triangles and couplings seem to have negativity surrounding them! Let’s see how it breaks down:

Dark Tale #1, Daniel’s Stolen Art Story: While Michael Graziadei (Daniel) is a very talented actor, and is totally pulling off the material being provided to him, the story itself isn’t working. Why? No one cares. It feels contrived. The plot is clearly aimed at putting the fab four in ‘hot water’ again, except that this time, viewers aren’t feeling it because it’s not written from the emotional standpoint of the characters, but from the clinical perspective of executing a scripted plot. It’s nice that they tried to give Victoria and JT something to do in this, but the only moment worth watching was when JT thought he was walking in on his wife with another man – because it made us feel something for JT, who we know and love so well. I would have much rather watched Victoria and Colleen duke it out in the boardroom and/or over JT, than this stuff. BTW, where is Colleen?

Dark Tale #2, Addam’s Family: Well, Adam has emerged as a true ghoul, although Chris Engen has done a wonderful job this past week in giving us a subtle sense of Adam’s teensy bit of regret. But there’s not enough regret in the world to redeem this guy – not to mention when it all finally comes out, he’ll be completely annihilated by his father! Adam may even become the one common enemy that brings Victor and Jack together! Unfortunately, as with Kevin’s abuse tale, the story has become a little too dark for some viewers. What began as a very compelling mystery – trying to figure out who was gaslighting Ashley – has downgraded perhaps just a step too far into the territory of ‘sick and twisted’. With the cover-up of the miscarriage, the believability factor is now completely out the window too, which takes away from the enjoyment of the story, and is not what I expect for Y&R. For me, however, the big problem is the same as with the Daniel story – it’s plot-driven. We don’t understand Adam’s motivations or feelings – not really – because it hasn’t been written from that standpoint. So, again, we find ourselves being dragged along through a scripted story that feels disconnected from the characters. Ashley and Victor are certainly not behaving like themselves, and Adam we don’t understand – so how are we supposed to continue to invest in the story? The saving grace for this tale is that we are anticipating Adam getting his comeuppance, we are able to feel something about Ashley’s miscarriage, and that Nikki has gotten involved – now that’s a twist I like!

Dark Tale #3, Cane/Nina/Phillip: This would be the little gray cloud hanging over Lily and Cane’s romance – but they may weather the storm, we don’t know. With the reveal this week that ‘Langley Down Under’ is definitely Phillip III, this officially became even more interesting. Why? This will rock the emotions and lives of characters we know well – viewers will feel the enormity of the situation right along with them as the story unfolds. This is what is required for a story to ‘work’. I can’t wait to find out why Phillip III would have wanted to leave the life he had and miss out on raising his son. Why would he desire to distance himself from his wife, mother, and grandmother,so much so, that he seemingly went to the extremes of faking his own death and recruiting a replacement! Not only that, but I want to understand why Cane got involved in this – was it for the money, but that changed at some point? This has great potential.