Jeanne Cooper & Melody Thomas Scott are Y&R vets at their best!

Last night’s TV Guide Channel’s new special “InFANity: The Young and The Restless allowed fans to get up-close and personal with not only their favorite soap, but with the stars as well. The show started off with host Lisa Joyner on the Y&R set of the Crimson Lights Coffeehouse where she gave a flashback of the many successful years and families of the show.

Y&R is the most dominate show with some of the longest running characters on TV and the writers intend to continue writing from their hearts to stay on top! Supervising Producer Edward Scott says that Y&R’s success is due to their desire to tackle many of today’s social issues.

In Victor Newman’s office, Lisa gives us a look into her interviews with Jeanne Cooper (Katherine), Peter Bergman (Jack), Eric Braeden (Victor) and Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) Jeanne admits that she’s brought real-life struggles onto the screen with her facelift and credits four generations of being on the show as her biggest success! While Melody laughs about her character being married nine times, she met her real-life husband, Supervising Producer Edward Scott, on the set of the show and has been blessed ever since. Eric admits that his love for the job is what enables him to keep Victor real and says that in the beginning he only signed on for 3 months! When asked to describe Jack, Peter says that Jack has failed to live up to his father’s honest reputation and has decided to go to the dark side!

Behind the scenes, Lisa tells us that she spent the day watching the actors shoot more than 50 scenes! Sharon Case (Sharon), Christian LeBlanc (Michael), Don Diamont (Brad), and Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) express that though their days are long, the crew keeps them going! Sharon Case (Sharon) and Thad Luckinbill (JT) then show Lisa how to execute what the crew calls “The Tag,” which means to stare off at the end of a scene.

Lisa’s next stop is talking with some of Y&R’s hottest stars! Starting with Doug Davidson (Paul) who explains that his character is not easy to write, seeing as the detective is out trying to solve the crime and is always the last one to know! Tracey Bregman (Lauren) stopped to tell Lisa that she’s actually had death threats from fans who haven’t taken kindly to some of her character’s more scandalous storylines. Don Diamont talks about the excitement of his new storyline and the unveiling of Brad’s past. Kristoff St. John (Neil) thinks back on his initial job offer from the late Bill Bell and says that after the second day of shooting, sixteen years ago, Mr. Bill offered him a contract!