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“Hello, Jill. It’s been a long time, hasn’t it?”

It’s back to 1983 in this week’s “The Young and the Restless” Throwback Thursday poll, as looks back on a time when Katherine Chancellor acted as Jill Foster’s not-so welcome wagon…

Jill recently reappeared in Genoa City and with family and friends came together to remember Katherine Chancellor. Years ago, Katherine was waiting outside Jill’s house when she returned to town. Katherine knew Jill was expected home and patiently waited. When Jill arrived, Katherine appeared from the side of the house and surprised her. She followed Jill inside and closed the door behind them.

Katherine looked around and wondered where Jill’s son was. Jill explained that she’d dropped a seven year old Phillip off at boarding school, which only irked Katherine. She blamed Katherine for Phillip Chancellor II’s death and the women briefly bickered. Jill expressed how easy it would be for her to hate Katherine, like she hated Jill, but offered an olive branch of forgiveness. Katherine was having none of it and planned to rock Jill’s world by exposing secrets from her past to the man she was set to marry in four days.

Do you remember who Jill Foster was planning to marry in 1983?

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Were you right in answering last week’s poll? Answer: Michael feared Isabella’s father would admit he knew him.

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– Amy Mistretta