Restless Rant for August 17 – 21:

The doppelganger and cabin murder mystery storylines drew toward their conclusions this week on “Y&R,” and Neil provided some surprises. Thoughts:

The wedding crasher.
It was an unbelievably feelgood moment to see Neil crash Hilary and Devon’s wedding and seemingly have returned to his senses and behave like his true self, offering forgiveness and love to his son. It only got better when he made the sleazy Colin delete the video. Three cheers for Neil…but wait. Ugh. There’s Neil on the honeymoon confronting Hilary on her hike and saying, “Payback’s a bitch.” Predictably, he upset her and Hilary appears to have ‘gone over the cliff’ a la Drucilla. The twist? The local police appear to suspect Devon in her disappearance. Now the question will be whether Neil will let him fry for it or come forward and exonerate his son, thereby putting himself under suspicion.

While there were some fun scenes connected with Dylan’s decision to add to his resume by becoming a cop, such as his sexy exchange with Sharon about handcuffs, and Paul trying to play innocent with Christine when she called him out on his motives for recruiting his son, it was met with ridicule by most viewers. Predictably, as soon as Paul enlisted his help he began to put together all the pieces as no one else had been able to, and by week’s end had presumably saved the day by heroically attacking Harding. I’d be very surprised if, come Monday’s episode, Dylan’s not a hero and instantly given a badge, gun and uniform. On a positive note, I absolutely loved seeing Paul execute his now classic move of entering a scene with his gun drawn and hollering for the perp to ‘drop the gun’! Hehe.

Clash of the titans.
With Marco caught and Jack deciding to take John’s advice (hooray John for saying everything that needed to be said!) and make Victor pay for what he did, most were expecting something relatively epic to go down. Unfortunately, the letdowns referred to in the last Deconstructing Y&R continued, as the Jack and Victor showdown amounted to some verbal sparring with not much in the way of consequences aside from Victor signing Jabot back over. Meh.