Credit: Calling the real Neil.

Restless Rant for August 3 – 7:

Most were expecting huge things to happen in Genoa City when Phyllis brought her wrath down on Victor, but the reality was a tad watered down. The events surrounding the big storm and power outage really didn’t amount to much either. It felt like a week of plots just inching ahead. Thoughts:

Aside from a powerfully emotional moment when Phyllis first realized she had been having sex with a South American drug lord for months, the rest of the fallout from the reveal was sort of a letdown. Phyllis brushed off Jack’s concerns about the murders he possibly committed and then stormed back to Genoa City, but merely made a cryptic comment to Victor when she ran into him and Nikki. When she finally got around to confronting Victor about ‘what happened to her’, the result was a rather civil verbal sparring match in the Club dining room, with Victor essentially saying what happened to her was an unfortunate side-effect of him having to save his business and protect his family. And she still didn’t throttle him! It was disappointing that Phyllis didn’t return from Istanbul in a murderous rage and do something epic. Even when she got up close and personal with Marco, instead of killing the bastard and rolling his ass up in the rug, the writers had her let him escape from under her nose. Boo. It all seemed so anti-climactic – even Jack didn’t seem nearly as steamed as he was in the hospital. It was frustrating to hear him ask Phyllis to hold off on dealing with Victor – we know Victor wouldn’t wait a second if the tables were turned so it makes Jack seem less formidable.

It’s you.
While it was somewhat intriguing to hear Victor accuse Ashley of being the mastermind behind the Paragon Project since Phyllis confirmed Jack had no knowledge of it, it also meant that Victor went ahead with this huge diabolical plan against Jack based on an assumption. Really?! So, if Victor had just asked Phyllis in the first place there would have been no need for the whole Marco debacle at all? Gah…

Everything changed.
When it comes to Marisa it’s all about her sexy scenes with Noah. Finally a woman came along that makes him seem like a man instead of a man-boy. Love it.

Private party.
Serial husband and baby daddy Nick Newman was at it again this week as he proposed to the latest woman he’s knocked up. Sharon acted a little weird about the engagement, but stranger still was Faith’s upbeat response to it. What was up with that? Friday saw Sage and Dylan hanging out in the park and then catching Nick and Sharon hugging. Of course everyone was fine with it and baby bliss and happy couple stuff ensued…but there is definite foreshadowing for something going down with this foursome in the future. Any theories?