Restless Rant
Week of June 1 – 5:

This week it was a mixed bag on The Young and the Restless – some really good stuff, and some not so great – and one story is completely missing in action! I did love how the week ended on a dramatic note – very satisfying! Many have been expressing frustration with the writing as a whole. I agree that it’s different, and there has been a notable increase in casual sex and ‘darker’ stuff, but there’s still been plenty to enjoy.

Daniel/Amber/Jana/Kevin: The storyline involving Daniel and the art theft ring, so far, is a bit of a snore. It’s totally plot-driven, rather than character-driven, so there is no genuine emotion to be evoked from the story – either from the characters or viewers. Soap stories work best when the characters are feeling things – and making us feel them too. The Tommy Lasorda call-in radio thing was a bit of a bust too, although it had its moments thanks to Greg Rikaart (Kevin) and Adrienne Frantz (Amber). As far as the fab foursome goes, it’s like the writers are trying too hard to create quirky scenarios and contrive ‘trouble’ for them to get into, rather than capitalizing on the investment viewers have in the characters themselves. We really care about them, but not so much about art theft rings!

Addam’s Family: Well, this certainly got a lot more interesting on Friday, but up until then I was ready to pitch my chair at the television screen if I had to see Ashley in bed sulking, or Adam at the laptop smirking, one more time! I’m so glad they have involved Nikki and Jack, since the story was getting a little claustrophobic. The scenes between Adam and Jack were amazing – such realistic loathing! Worth mentioning this week was Chris Engen’s portrayal of Adam’s mixed emotions after Ashley fell down the stairs – you could see some genuine regret, some panic, and the ol’ gears turning as Nikki started pounding on the door! Great stuff! He looked hilarious in the black wig too! He even had a purple t-shirt on, presumably to look like Sabrina’s infamous purple gown. Awesome. Oh, and it was nice to see Raya Meddine on screen again as Sabrina this week – even if it was fleeting. She was such a unique character.

Cane/Lily/Nina: In this slow-building tale, Lily began her baby planning, Nina began her probing, and Cane made another phone call to ‘Phillip III/Langley’. As with Ashley in bed, and Adam at the laptop, however, I’m more than ready to move beyond the cryptic phone calls, polite questions, and the Lily/Neil ‘life is perfect’ chats, and get to the meat and potatoes of the matter! Let’s go!

Father Todd Drop-in:
Always nice to see the manly and charismatic Corbin Bernsen (Father Todd), even if the guest spot was far too short. The significant storyline point made by his visit, of course, occurred as Paul sat wondering loudly when the last time his entire family had all been together, and Mary Jane came in. Mary Jane blanched at the sight of Father Todd in Genoa City sitting with Paul – leaving little doubt that Mary Jane will turn out to be Patty Williams.

Mary Jane: We got some nice glimpses this week of how unhinged Mary Jane actually can be, as she threw herself at Victor’s mercy, grabbed Sharon and made a public scene, and hinted to Phyllis that she’d like to kill Sharon! We won’t even mention the whole kitty-cat weirdness! Anyhow, after the events of Friday, this viewer is wondering if Mary Jane will have turned her sights on a new female victim – Phyllis. It’s anyone’s guess what she’ll do next! This story is a winner!