“Is that you?”

Back in the day, Crimson Lights coffeehouse used to be a place where teens went to hang out and dance. Soaps.com takes readers back to 1996 in this week’s Throwback Thursday poll when Grace Turner arrived in Genoa City to do just that…

Marisa is the latest newbie making waves in town. Back then it was Grace Turner, Sharon Collins’ childhood best friend. Grace (then played by Josie Davis) walked into the coffeehouse to a summer scene of kids having fun and dancing to hip-hop music. It wasn’t long before a local guy came up to Grace and asked her to dance. They moved near the jukebox and quickly became the object of everyone’s attention.

Sharon came strolling in from the patio, dancing along with the crowd’s hoots and hollers. Grace’s dance partner let her know just how hot she was and asked her back to his place. Grace didn’t hesitate with her answer before Sharon appeared at her side, stunned to see her in town.

Do you remember how Grace replied when the guy asked her to go back to his place?