Adam revealed.

Restless Rant for July 13 – 17:

Viewers seem to be either loving or hating the happenings in Genoa City right now. It’s a bonus that so much is going on, but there are still niggling issues that just don’t go away. Thoughts:

Leaving Genoa City.
The Avery/Joe/Dylan storyline peaked in dramatic fashion with the showdown at gunpoint in Joe’s suite. It was actually fairly riveting and who doesn’t love Paul bursting through a door, gun drawn, hollering, “GCPD! Drop the gun!” Always good soapy fun. In the end, despite the unsavory turn the story took, and how out-of-nowhere it seemed, it had a message, and we were certainly treated to some fabulous acting from Jessica Collins, who was particularly good in the subtle vulnerable moments in which she seemed emotionally spent. I’m not sure what lies ahead for the likes of Joe in Genoa City, but as for Dylan, he seems to be settling in to his new life with Sharon.

Main squeeze.
In last week’s Deconstructing Y&R, I pleaded for the end of Jack’s coma and the tedious bedside scenes. It hasn’t happened yet, but the ridiculousness continued with Phyllis garnering info from Jack via hand squeezes and notepad, and worse, letting Marisa walk on out of Jack’s room without giving a proper explanation for her presence there. Phyllis sensed that the woman knew Jack, and he confirmed it by squeezing once (oy), and yet our Phyllis didn’t go after her like a rabid wolverine. What? We all know that is exactly what she would have done…

Anniversary blues.
Summer schlepped across town to bring her own special brand of gloom and doom to Noah at The Underground, this time courtesy of her one year anniversary of marrying Austin. She later told the same sad tale to Kyle, but how upset was she really since they had sex within minutes? Of course their scene wasn’t complete without reminding us that they are star-crossed lovers from rival families. Please. No one is trying to keep them apart; no one even seems to care – including viewers who are left cold by the phony angst every time.