Restless Rant for June 29 – July 3:

The intrigue surrounding the shooting, the surprise match-up of Noah and Marisa, and Lily softening toward Devon were Genoa City highlights this week. Thoughts:

Shooting in Chancellor Park.
Adam getting himself well and truly twisted up in this shooting mess has been the best part of all this, since it pits him firmly in a battle of wits with Victor, with Jack as the wildcard. It’s also fun that Victor still thinks Jack is Marco. It’s anyone’s guess if Marco actually perished in the lake, and even though it would be a relief for the stupid doppelganger tale to end, there’s no denying he was entertaining. Marco was like a throwback to Jack’s former playboy days. Nowadays, even while in a coma and seriously pissed off, Jack is telepathically aiming choked-up, heartfelt drivel-y thoughts at Phyllis. Jeeze. It’s enough to make you wish Marco would stride in there, slap Phyllis’ ass, and take her out to paint the town. Speaking of Phyllis, viewers weren’t happy about her being befuddled by a doppelganger for so long. Phyllis is supposed to be an incredibly astute character. Let’s face it, the former Phyllis not only would have long ago figured out Gabe was Adam and have found a way to use the information to her advantage, but she also would have known Marco wasn’t Jack. You know, like Marisa knew Jack wasn’t Marco…sigh. Anyway, it will be interesting to see how everything comes out in the wash with Jack/Victor/Adam.

Tied together.
I was a little unclear as to how Kevin was making a connection between Austin and Courtney’s murders and Jack’s shooting, but it was good to see him and Mariah in scenes again.

Noah helps Marisa.
It’s all fine and good for Noah to be a nice, considerate, American boy outside of the bedroom, but here’s hoping if he and Marisa hit the sheets we see a whole different animal. Many have been waiting a long time for them to pair Noah up with a woman like this and don’t want to be disappointed!