Did he?

Restless Rant for June 22 – 26:

On the plus side, a lot happened in Genoa City this week. Action is certainly preferable to being bored silly. Unfortunately, all of the negatives we’ve discussed recently still apply. Recycled, plot-driven stories, inattention to detail, and unexplained or straight-up stupid plot points persist. Many long for character-driven stories that use the show’s rich history to maximum effect.

Follow the trail.
Summer turned Kyle in for setting up her grandpa…ugh. Like we needed more reasons to find her unlikable. As noted in last week’s Deconstructing Y&R, whatever they’re trying to do with Summer and Kyle isn’t coming across.

How convenient that just as Ashley decided not to blindly follow ‘Jack’ anymore, and sharp, shrewd Phyllis finally bought a clue about her imposter husband, Jack and Marisa returned to Genoa City. Adam nearly giving himself away to Phyllis was a nice beat, and if you could forget about how dumb the whole doppelganger tale was to begin with, Jack’s return to his house made for a ‘lump in the throat’ moment. One couldn’t help but wonder how he and Marisa managed to get back to town though. Sigh. The Jack/Phyllis reunion provided another ‘moment’, but many couldn’t believe he left again to take care of business without telling her she’d been living and sleeping with a South American crime lord! In any case, the highlight of it all has been Peter Bergman’s portrayal of these two different men. The tension built nicely as the week wrapped up, with Adam outing Marco and the shooting in Chancellor Park. Naturally, both Marco and Jack headed to the park in virtually the same outfit, which resulted in a decent Friday cliffhanger not knowing if Victor shot Jack or Marco.

How they got to this point aside, the scenes in which Lauren made the final break with Michael were fraught with emotion on both sides. It’s because of their long history that we were able to feel so much regardless of the questionable story.

Mini-bar or me?
Lily surprised some this week by jumping to conclusions after seeing footage of Lauren visiting Cane’s room and then, well, jumping on Joe. The whole bit with Cane being offended about Lily ‘checking up on him’ rather than explaining why Lauren was at his suite was clearly geared toward escalating the argument so as to provide some sort of grounds for what Lily did next – sleeping with Joe. Whatever you feel about her doing it, there’s no denying that in the moment it was hot. Lily certainly put Joe’s newly-recovered back to the test. In any case, this development changed the dynamic, as Lily so handily pointed out by berating herself out loud about being a hypocrite. Jeeze…