Post-op Ash.

Restless Rant from June 15 – 19:

There is still an unreal feeling to the goings-on in Genoa City. This week brought plenty of confrontations. Thoughts:

Ashley lives.
She not only lived, she walked away from brain surgery the next day with a whole head of hair, a great dress, and not even a bit woozy! What was the point of this, and how stupid do they think viewers are? Brutal! In any case, her assessment of Marco/Yack’s plan was the most intelligent yet. She was the only one who questioned why ‘Jack’ entered into the merger only to turn around and fight to get the company back. All to set-up Victor? Makes no sense! She also pointed out that everyone but him would take the fall if they’re caught siphoning money, and she warned Billy to stop Kyle from traveling to transfer funds because he would leave a trail. Did Billy listen though? Nope!

Growing on you.
While I’m not minding Billy and Victoria in each others’ orbits, Billy is still fairly dull overall. It will be interesting to see if he can bring the big guns reaction-wise when he finally discovers Gabe is Adam.

Running to Grandpa.
Summer and Kyle are still straight up unappealing – together and individually. The idea of them being star-crossed lovers from warring families isn’t dazzling anyone or capturing imaginations. Summer is mopey and whiny, and Kyle is unremarkable. Whatever the writers are striving for with these two just isn’t coming across.

Under arrest.
Things seem to be peaking with the doppelganger storyline and none too soon. Marco holding a gun on Victor was fun, as was Marco getting a call from Marisa, and Victor being arrested, however, the bit with Marco telling everyone that Gabe is Jack’s son and Adam playing along is too convoluted and just drags out the reveal of Adam’s identity too much. The scenes with Chelsea and Adam are getting tedious because it’s just a waiting game. As for Victor believing that Marco killed Austin and Courtney and Marco basically admitting it, that’s fine for viewers to have the inside scoop, but the Scooby Doo gang don’t know this – yet they are suddenly relaxed and not even talking about the killer. Abby is traveling everywhere without Stitch etc.; it’s inconsistent. Oh…and down on the island, what’s up with Jack’s hair?!