“Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.”

Cat fights in daytime go hand in hand and Soaps.com is taking readers back to 1999 when Nikki Newman and Diane Jenkins made quite the scene at Gina’s restaurant…

Lily Ashby has handed out a few slaps as of late. Years ago, Nikki Newman landed the first, which caused an all-out brawl. Diane and Nikki were seated at Gina’s Italian restaurant. Instead of sharing appetizers, they were dishing out insults about who was the bigger liar and how things in paradise with Victor weren’t always what they seemed. Nikki denied that there were problems between her and Victor, but Diane brought up Victor’s vasectomy and taunted her nemesis by claiming Victor didn’t want to have a child with her.

Nikki reached over the table and slapped Diane hard across the face. Diane threw her drink in Nikki’s face and the women jumped up and began struggling from one end of the restaurant to the next, pulling each other’s hair as they went. Tables and chairs were knocked over until someone rushed in, picked Nikki up and whisked her away from Diane.

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