Stop! This makes no sense!

Restless Rant from June 8 – 12:

Invested “Y&R” viewers are feeling a bit desperate these days. There are just so many things going on in Genoa City that are out of whack…it’s difficult even to comment on. It increasingly seems there is little forethought going into whether plot points make sense for the characters, or make sense at all in some cases. There have been some powerfully acted scenes, and some genuinely emotional moments, and these are always well-appreciated. Thoughts:

One night of sex coming up!
Avery’s little ‘fit’ after Joe tried to blackmail her into sleeping with him was entertaining, and her outrage when she sent him packing was powerfully acted, but that’s where the value began and ended. The storyline twist with Avery suddenly remembering that Joe was abusive was insultingly stupid. Especially considering she gleefully represented him for the start-up of his foundation against childhood abuse recently – clearly this was a last minute plot swerve. The Joe character is now useless as a love interest for anyone else. We’re still trying to get our minds around this, and now we’re supposed to get invested in whether Avery will take revenge? And Phyllis was up to her eyeballs in this, which as many pointed out, only served to illustrate just how ridiculous her own storyline is. Why would Phyllis have this hyper-intuition about her sister’s ex-husband who she barely knows, and yet not have an inkling that she’s living and sleeping with a man who is a complete stranger?

Wine and understanding.
The one beat that worked in the whole ‘Avery’s unexplained disappearance’ mess was Sharon resisting the urge to listen to Joe, who suddenly sounded like a sleazeball in a ‘B’ movie. “You’re a bad girl, and bad girls take what they want.” Seriously? Anyway, Sharon went home and sat her ass down and waited for Dylan to show, and he did. While they’re still overdoing it with him fawning and reassuring her, it was a genuine moment of establishing trust. That said, some probably felt drawn in when Avery went running into Dylan’s arms this week and he said, “I thought I’d lost you.” Vote in’s Y&R Poll: Who should Dylan be with?

I can’t lose you.
The sudden drama surrounding Ashley’s congenital brain aneurysm was probably supposed to tug at our heart strings as Abby pleaded with her mother to undergo the surgery. “I can’t lose you.” Unfortunately, it was so obviously a stunt to demonstrate Ben’s concern for Ashley and set the stage for an Ash/Stitch/Abby triangle that it didn’t make us feel much besides irritation. They all but ruined the integrity of Ben’s character by having him jump into bed with dippy Abby. He needs a character reboot, and they could start by putting him back in the hospital setting where he is most confident and commanding. Having him run around like an errand-boy in the perfume lab where he works for all the women he’s bedded isn’t exactly doing him any favors. Next, he should realize that Abby isn’t for him and get out of that. After he’s had some distance from that whole debacle, then get him into a storyline where he’s sexy and relevant again, and pair him with someone more on his level.