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Genoa City for the Week of June 1 – 5:

“Y&R” had a lackluster sweeps period and few viewers are satisfied with the current state of affairs. The acting, as always, has been excellent. Thoughts:

Don’t be Adam.
While Adam and Chelsea remain one of the most natural pairings on the show, things are definitely dragging. They are firmly in that soap rut where characters get stuck having variations of the same conversation repeatedly. Needless to say it’s boring. Also, why was Chelsea working in the Jabot lab when she has her own design studio? Grumble… Anyway, the real bone to pick regarding Adam is how out-of-character it was for him to go into panic mode, first over Victor thinking he was Jack’s son, and then over Sage being in the hospital. Adam, even when he’s not in control, believes that he is. He is shrewd, cool, calculating, and even if he’s sweating, he’s not one to show it – so what was that all about?

Oh the scenes with Jack begging and pleading to get off that cargo ship have gone on too long. Someone on social media questioned why Marisa didn’t speak to the man she believes to be Marco in Spanish. Good question!

Silver lining.
Many commented on Dylan doing the talking for Sharon at the custody mediation. Later, he coached her on giving a confident job interview. Please. Way over-the-top on the caped hero/damsel-in-distress routine. Nick meanwhile, acted like a jerk because he was ‘stressed out’ over Sage being in the hospital. If you weren’t already rolling your eyes over Sage feeling the baby kicking three weeks after discovering she was pregnant, the trumped-up appendicitis crisis probably did it. Sage is a spitfire when matching Adam threat for threat, but in the relationship with Nick she’s a dud. Sage will become another damsel begging Nick for forgiveness when he discovers that either the baby isn’t his and/or that she lied about Adam’s identity. Whee. Side note: Why does Faith see Sage as an obstacle to her parents being together but not Dylan? Vote in Soaps.com’s Y&R Poll: Sage and Nick.