jill and kay fight young and the restless
Credit: Image: Jesse Grant/JPI

“You’ve hit me for the last time, Katherine.”

Soaps.com is taking readers back to 1998 when Katherine Chancellor and Jill Abbott went a couple of rounds over Phillip Chancellor II…

Things got pretty heated and emotional between Joe and Avery this week. Years ago, Jill Abbott planned to take what was hers – part of the Chancellor Estate – and got into a scuffle with Katherine over it. Jill found a letter in the Chancellor attic from Phillip, wanting her to have his estate. Katherine joined Jill in the attic and slapped her hard across the face, claiming Phillip never loved her and only used her. Jill attacked Katherine next and the women tumbled all over the floor, only stopping momentarily before the next go-round.

Screams of hatred and death threats were dished out in between hair pulling and slaps. It wasn’t until Jill realized her hands were wrapped around Katherine’s neck that she let go, allowing her nemesis to catch her breath.

Do you remember what caused them to briefly stop assaulting each other before Jill began choking Katherine? Share your memory through the poll and leave us your favorite daytime catfight in the comment section.